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Kite FishingBy Tom Load

Could it be hang sliding for baits, kite-sailing for greenies? Nope, it’s kite fishing, therefore’s a powerful way to deploy live baits for tuna, marlin, sailfish and other predator game seafood. Invented in Asia, long practiced in New Guinea alongside Pacific Islands, contemporary kite fishing originated from brand new Zealand, allowing off-the-beach browse fishermen to deploy outlines and hooks out through the breakers.

Bob Lewis adapted kite fishing inside bill fish grounds of Southern Florida, and figured out some great benefits of utilizing a kite—keeping the wiggly real time bait cycling attractively just beneath the surface utilizing the more substantial leader line holding vertically over the bait and out of the liquid, less likely to spook crafty predators. Fishing a kite regarding the boat’s windward side enables a bigger scatter of outlines is presented, addressing a wider expanse of sea. Kite fishing from a boat in constant ten to fifteen knot winds, either drifting or trolling, enables professionals to travel two kites with as much as three baits hanging below each kite.

Kite Fishing Equipment

An unique square kite, with carbon-graphite spars and rip-stop nylon fabric, is attached with a 50, 80 or 100lb. Spectra or Dacron range attached to a stubby pole and effective reel. There are high-wind or low-wind (5-25mph) models for various climate.

Carry an assortment of kites, and spares, since you will need another in the event that kite line pauses while sink your kite and lose it permanently. Also, pulling a kite that’s ten legs under liquid returning to your vessel is a large challenge, so some captains connect a tiny celebration balloon on back side of these kite maintain it afloat to truly save precious mins while retrieving it during a tournament. Helium balloons are employed in light wind to simply help offer the kite.

Each kite’s line features several launch films, like those used on outriggers, strung at intervals along the kite range, and every clip is assigned to a rod and reel. Experienced fishermen seafood three stay baits off one kite, using the line from each reel clipped onto the main kite range. Due to the fact diagrams show, the setup is much more arranged than you possibly might anticipate.

Mono-filament or fluorocarbon leaders tend to be mounted on a fishing reel’s main line with a neon-colored Styrofoam marker concerning the diameter of forefinger, with simple swivel. These markers hover floating around above each of your baits and indicate their particular place. A dual or three-way rod holder on the transom (like the Tigress twin or our Trident designs shown above) keeps your kite rod plus one or two extra rods.

Kites could also be used from coast everywhere there is the wind at your back, allowing the boat-less angler with some creativity presenting baits at vast distances beyond the world of typical casting. With the right gear, kite fishing is simpler than it looks.


A top rate main-stream reel just like the Penn Senator 113H is perfect for your kite reel, or a level-wind reel like the Penn 345GT, which will keep the range from bunching up since it will come in fast. Shimano Tiagra 16, TLD15, TLD20 or TLD25 as well as the Daiwa Saltist two-speed reels will also be popular. Power assist electric reels tend to be suitable for even greater convenience, but at a substantially higher cost. We stock a range of Daiwa 12V electric reels that connect with a deep pattern battery with alligator videos, plug into a waterproof receptacle, or utilize a Lithium battery power.


Kite rods are short and heavy, with one ring guide in the tip, about 3' in total, and do just one single task: holding the kite range. Your various other rods hold your baits.

Water Anchor

It is easiest to kite seafood with your ray into way of drift, and drifting because gradually as possible. The Paratech line of water anchors are high quality devices to aid repeat this, mounted on a midships cleat.

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