Antique Fishing Rod - 76 long

Antique bamboo Fishing Rods

Classic fishing rods are the most useful of type when it comes to collecting old fishing poles.

These old rods are sought out by serious enthusiasts, and several are willing to spend thousands for almost any given pole that they desperately need to enhance their private prized possessions.

Prepared for a quick small history concept?

Classic Rods Versus Vintage Rods

There seems to be a misconception among lots an individuals. Many be seemingly confused by “antique” versus “vintage." Worse are those who really have the merchandise that they are making an effort to offer and have those products detailed incorrect.

Let's clean up the confusion...

Classic is defined as coming to least 40 yrs old, while still keeping a typical of exceptional appeal, and crafted well with great focus on detail. Find out more about .

Antique means being at least 100 years old. Individually, i really believe your true classic fishing rods are dated back to the 1800's, when the majority of probably the most recognizable fishing rods was hand crafted with creative ability and excellence. The rods from this age are marked with a beauty second to none.

Fishing rods from the 1800's were hand crafted with pleasure and passion. The pole builders wished to make sure that any angler just who used their rods had been as pleased as could possibly be.

Pride, enthusiasm, beauty, pleasure, brilliance. This is basically the combo that drive enthusiasts crazy aided by the deep craving to collect such gorgeous pieces of art.

Traditional Period Fishing Rod Building

Fishing rods during 1800's were built as bait casting rods or fly-fishing rods.

A lot of those rods had been constructed as bamboo cane poles. However, there are incredibly interesting rods from that era and also prior that have been made out of difficult forests eg:

  • ash
  • bethabara
  • dogama
  • greenheart
  • hickory
  • ironwood
  • lancewood
  • maple
  • snakewood
  • whale baleen

Traditional Fishing Pole Builders

There have been lots of rod builders in the day, as there clearly was now. But few had been successful or excellent. Only some have actually were able to have their particular brands continued included in their particular legacy. You might recognize several from the listing of some greats noted the following.

Abraham Coates
Thomas H. Chubb
J.B. Crook
William H. Cruttenden
Fred D. Divine
Seely Edsan
John Forrest

Alonzo H. Fowler
John Krider
John G. Landman
Hiram L. Leonard
Per Manegold
T.B. Mayell
William Mitchell

Charles F. Murphy
B.F. Nichols
Charles F. Orvis
Henry Prichard
Edward vom Hofe
Norman K. Waring
Charles E. Wheeler

These folks tend to be masters for the fly rod builing art. In the event that you run into some of their particular earlier in the day built rods and appreciate the craftsmanship and price, after that consider looking into adding it to your collection.

Searching for Antique Fishing Poles

E-bay is approximately among the best resources to locate old fishing tackle. Take a glance to see for yourself.

As I already explained above, folks often confuse vintage and traditional, even in their particular explanations for offering products. Some cannot even comprehend what they really have and may record all of them as "old fishing rods" or something like that comparable. Therefore, scroll and click through, and use the search box to get more particular items if you want to.

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