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Antique metal Fishing Rods

photo of nice fishing products.I have been a collector of Antique Fishing Tackle for over two decades. And have been selling classic tackle within my shop since 1990. I gather all aspects of fishing memorabilia. On this page, i desired to supply a primer for traditional dealers, beginning enthusiasts, and anyone interested in old tackle. It isn't intended to be-all inclusive. At the bottom associated with web page will likely be some backlinks with other antique fishing tackle relevant sites.

General Information:

Obtaining traditional fishing tackle has become very popular in the last few years. In the past you heard "You collect exactly what?", and "i did not know anyone purchased that old stuff". Now everywhere you turn there are collectors and dealers in old tackle. Brands like: Heddon; Creek Chub; South Bend; Pflueger; Shakespeare; paw-paw; and a sizable selection of others are excitedly looked for by collectors. You can find collectors for lures, reels, bamboo rods, nets, creels, and just about all sorts of fishing memorabilia imaginable. Popular sources for traditional tackle tend to be classic stores, flea markets, lawn sales, online, sports shows, and antique tackle clubs. The value of tackle have increased dramatically, and there appears to be small slowing in appreciation.


Wooden lures, often known as plugs, will be the mainstay of this group. Initial wood lures generally speaking use were built in the late 1800s, the fantastic age of wooden lures ended up being from about 1915 toward 1950s. For lure collectors condition is essential. A "mint" lure, with no damage provides a lot more than the exact same connect in average or less problem. For a few lures particular colors of paint, or paint styles, are considered rarer than others and certainly will deliver a premium cost. Lures that have been repainted, or having lost a majority of their paint, have little or no price, unless they are extremely, really, unusual. Many individuals collect lures created by one business like Heddon; Creek Chub; Pflueger; Southern Bend; and paw-paw, that are all brands of significant appeal manufacturers. The box a lure emerged in-may be well worth whenever the lure itself, sometimes much more. Early bins, for many businesses, were sliding top, box jointed, and wood. These bins are rare, and bring reduced cost. Most boxes were made from cardboard, and several had stunning illustrations. Early metal spoons, and spinners, possess some price. Some can be quite costly, but up to now they will have taken a back seat to the wood plugs.


Reels are a place of collectible fishing tackle that has gotten less interest compared to lures. Reels by the much better manufacturers were collectible consistently, and most deal with collectors have had some reels to include shade with their lure collection. Although the most collectible reels are very pricey and difficult to find, most of the more common reels are affordable and not too difficult to locate. Early fly and casting reels with names like Hardy, Vom Hofe, Conroy, Meek, and Milam have become collectible, and will be expensive. Reels by Pflueger, Shakespeare, Southern Bend, Bronson, as well as others are much less expensive and generally are a welcome addition to a lot of collections. Single action fly reels, multiplying fly reels, are both excitedly tried. Automated fly reels less so. Casting reels, both level-wind, and non level-wind tend to be gathered. rotating reels have received some interest, spin casting reels have received small notice. Ambassador casting reels produced by ABU in Sweden have attained a loyal following both from bass fishers and from collectors. Early reels from The united kingdomt and Europe have actually sparked some interest, however with almost all being unmarked, or in less than perfect problem, the top of the range reels have obtained the lions share of collectors interest. Top of the line American reels, the "Kentucky" reels, Vom Hofe's, and the like, are quickly disappearing, and are escalating in price.


Rods are ruled by split bamboo fly rods. Lately some have begun collection a number of the previous fiberglass rods, a number of the split bamboo casting and rotating rods, plus some regarding the steel casting rods. The first European fishing rods had been made of different sorts of wood, spliced together, and had been usually very long, 18ft. being typical. Tips had been frequently manufactured from greenheart, whale baleen, or regarding later rods, bamboo cane. these very early rods are difficult to get, but aren't excitedly looked for. It had been just with the belated 1800s that split bamboo was being familiar with make the entire pole, except is some unusual circumstances. A number of the brands of bamboo pole makers to find are Granger, younger, Dickerson, Phillipson, Devine, Edwards, Thomas, Payne, Leonard, Hardy and rods designed for trademarks eg Abercrombie and Fitch, Heddon, Southern Bend, and Abbey and Imbrie. In split bamboo rods, reduced is way better, and condition is every thing. The reduced a Bamboo pole could be the much more collectible this indicates is. 6ft.-8 1/2ft. rods appear to be the essential collectible. A seven base pole by a famous manufacturer will usually be really worth 4-5 times what a 12 foot salmon rod by the exact same manufacturer, despite the salmon pole becoming harder locate. Condition is a tougher subject. A split bamboo rod, restored to close original by a specialist restorer seems to keep a lot of its value. The exact same rod defectively restored, or utilized very long and hard has little value. Avoid made up rods, that is poor quality cane rods, that an unscrupulous restorer has attached a handle from a pricey pole, after which will try to pass the complete conglomeration down as a pricey pole. Naturally having a rod's original cloth case, and rod pipe will enhance its value. Make certain any split bamboo rod is original size. Many guidelines are going to be short in which rod recommendations were damaged. Numerous rods came with more than one tip. Good principle, is to lay the pole on a table, each section is approximately the exact same length. Only a few rods were built because of this, but the majority were. Also, any split bamboo pole should be examined for a curve, or a group. Once more, a good way to tell would be to put the pole sections on a flat area, and move all of them around, watch for gaps formed by a bow when you look at the pole.

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