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Berkley Buccaneer Fishing rod

I wish to know the worth of an antique rod given to me personally from my grandfather. It really is with its own synthetic travel case. The name is Berkley buccaneer travel-pack, five piece rod with fiberglass ferrules for one an item reel. The pole is wooden, the reel chair is copper as well as the handle is cork The rod is in excellent problem with no broken pieces. Solution
Hi Scott,

The Berkley company did not produce or sell wood rods to my understanding. They joined the rod building business in the sixties making use of fiberglass because their rod blank composition. They did earn some excellent fiberglass rods while having been paid with making a few of the better glass rods previously to attain the marketplace.

The Buccaneer Travel Pack rod is fiberglass that could be textured to resemble timber that was a popular tehcnique at the time. The reel chair is aluminum which colored copper that has been additionally well-known at that time. This really is a handy pole and another that needs to be advisable that you fish with. It will not have a lot of enthusiast price neither is it specially rare. Present worth would take the $10-$25 range dependent on condition.

The pole is near 50 years old and it's also a gift from your own grandfather which makes it exceedingly important for your requirements. Ensure that it it is and employ it and consider your grandfather every time you do. This is the best guidance We have obtainable.

Thanks A Lot, Joe


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