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Whenever Sage changes their flagship pole, it is a big deal into the fly-fishing industry. Sage is amongst the biggest & most innovative rod producers, therefore many people are truly excited to see what Jerry is going to come up with after that... after which obviously there are the haters, like my fishing friend, which, when I mentioned that I had a unique Sage X fly fishing rod said, “Meh, it appears to be like a dressed up Sage ONE.” I can tell you unequivocally so it’s not another Sage ONE. Keep reading to see just what this rod’s exactly about.

Konnetic HD

The greatest innovation inside X arises from its KonneticHD (that’s High Density, maybe not Definition) technology that is buried into the blank. Not being a materials scientist, we can’t inform you exactly what some of this actually implies, but right here’s exactly what Sage needs to say about this:

“KonneticHD tech is the after that age in overall performance graphite rods. Optimizing our graphite-to-resin proportion, we have produced an increased thickness (HD) fibre composite, causing lighter, stronger blanks which deliver unequaled recovery, power transfer, and line/loop control. Building upon proprietary building techniques developed for Konnetic Technology, KonneticHD provides an increased platform to accomplish brand-new levels in rod design.”


Here’s the things I ended up being casting:

Flex & Feel

I made the decision to alter up our typical review format to highlight some of the items that are brand-new and interesting about this pole. The very first thing that struck myself was the flex and feel, which was definitely not what I ended up being anticipating.

Once I collect a Sage, I’m expecting particular things – namely, a light, fast, pole that actually works well with my slightly-too-aggressive casting swing. Heck, Don Green founded the organization to generate rods that never went from “power”. The ONE (and many more therefore, the Method) enjoyed to-be forced hard. The larger your dual haul, the greater it casts. That isn’t fundamentally the case with the Sage X. Easily pulled too hard to my two fold haul, the pole seemed to overload. With that in mind, the pole additionally didn’t need to-be dual hauled. It virtually casts itself.


Another area where the X amazed me personally is in presentation. Where in actuality the ONE had been a blunt instrument, the X provides a dry-fly softly and subtly - outstanding thing available dry fly enthusiasts available to you.

Fit and Finish

Sage made some extremely minor modifications towards aesthetics associated with the rod – specifically they changed the reel seat. It seems nice while the engraving does help you figure out which rod you’re catching off the rack. Besides that, the fit and finish regarding the Sage X can be like any Sage pole. It’s great, but don’t expect any ultra-high end elements or alignment dots. Something that i really do like is the standardization regarding the hold. Every new Sage rod comes with their snub-nosed half-wells hold, which is among the best and most comfortable you’ll see anywhere.

Body Weight

The newest Sage X is slightly lighter than the ONE. Unfortunately, almost all of this fat had been taken from the handle where it willn’t matter while the tip is pretty comparable in fat to many various other high end rods (the final 3 chapters of the X tend to be identical in fat to the Fenwick Aetos, as an example). This means whenever you put a lightweight reel onto it, the balance is down, but just a little.


The Sage X will give intermediate casters more distance; nonetheless it’s not the cannon of its predecessors.


While you’ve probably collected out of this analysis, it took me a while getting regularly the Sage X. When I did, however, I knew that the X is fantastically accurate at 30’. That has been quite a shock, because the ONE ended up being terrible at quick distances.

When I relocated more away, performance had been both great and somewhat complicated. At 45’, i'd normally employ a double haul to improve range rate and accuracy, whenever I did this, accuracy suffered. But when I mentioned before, the X doesn’t want to get pressed hard, when we laid off my usual intense dual haul, the rod performed marvelously. Once more, the pole casts itself.

The storyline is significantly similar at 60’, but I felt just like the rod didn’t have as much oomph as a number of the faster rods such as the Scott Radian or Hardy Zephrus. BUT, the effectiveness of the Sage X is really so much simpler to gain access to that the majority of anglers might find it to throw additional sufficient reason for more precision than either rod.



Cost: $895

Important thing

If perhaps you were anticipating this analysis to get rid of into the conclusion that brand new X show is some mythological weapon that does everything for everyone, you’ll be disappointed. Genuinely, I found the pole quite difficult to review as it took considerable time to have used to and determine.

What is obvious, however, is the fact that the Sage X will be able to work actually well for a number of fishermen. I’m happy to report that Sage is making a rod for masses. For novice and advanced angler, the X can make you appear like a much better caster and can permit you to throw further and more precisely. Whilst the severe minority of fly anglers whom truly needed a rod like the ONE because of their everyday requirements (let’s face it, very few folks intend to make 50-70’ casts in most cases) should be just a little dissatisfied, we expect that they can discover solace when you look at the Method or Bolt.

I became torn on the web choice, but I liked both Rio Gold and SA GPX on rod. Silver seemed to throw only a little much better at length.


  • A Sage for everyman angler, finally.
  • Felt even more true-to-line fat as compared to ONE


  • Hardcore Sage fans might-be upset that action is reduced than what they are familiar with.
  • I’d want to see Sage add some high-tech components for their rods.

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