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Cork Fishing rod handles

handles1The lightweight and toughness of cork coupled with customized shaping make cork grips the top choice for fishing rods, musical batons, wearing handles (ski poles, biking grips, yet others).

  • Cork Grips and Handles
  • All-natural Cork Rings
  • Cork Fishing Floats and Boppers
  • Various Other Cork Fishing Add-ons
Cork Grips and Handles

Grips and handles can be purchased in either agglomerate cork (particle cork) or natural cork. Normal cork manages can be found in different attributes depending on buyer specs and cost points. Performing from prints or examples, grips tend to be customized by Jelinek Cork to precise size and requirements. Many pre-formed grips and manages are available in both large and small volumes, and costs are affected not only by handle high quality, size, and form but also by amount per style. Contact us for details and requirements.

handles2Cork bands

Normal cork bands can be purchased in all sizes. The most common sizes are 1-1/4″ diameter by 1/2″ width and 1-1/2″ diameter by 1/2″ depth. All sizes are manufactured either with or without a center opening (the center opening is usually1/4″). Jelinek Cork knows the importance of uniformed high quality that custom rod builders demand and so ring quality is quite carefully selected and segregated to meet up these strict requirements. Numerous ring attributes, called Flor, Super, and First, are offered by Jelinek.
Contact us together with your specific requirements. For smaller quantities check-out

ringsCork Floats

Floats are available in numerous shapes, sizes, loads, and finishes. These are the old-fashioned floats useful for decades by anglers internationally. Fishing floats is all-natural or colored and remain buoyant for life, and they are not effected by-water — either fresh or salt. Contact us for additional details.

Cork Fishing Accessories

You'll find so many various other cork fishing accessories provided by Jelinek Cork Group. These types of tend to be custom produced to buyer specifications and requirements. Jelinek helps design products to improve dimensions, high quality, and cost by working closely with consumers. Prototypes are often offered free of charge even though this is dependent on final quantity ordered. A few of the more widespread cork fishing add-ons feature:

  • agglomerate cork pole blanks ready for shaping
  • cork inserts for tackle boxes
  • fishing range holders
  • boaters key string (floats)
  • cork sheets and obstructs to properly hold fishing hooks
  • non-slip floor for boat porches
floats grips2

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