Downrigger Fishing Rods

Downrigging is a method of trolling that utilizes a manual or electric winch and body weight (cannonball) to carry your fishing outlines and lures to a certain level, in which feeding fish can be discovered. While downrigging is often looked at as a-deep water fishing strategy, it's more precisely comprehended as an approach of "managed level fishing"

By making use of downriggers to control the level of your lure presentation, you'll put your lures at any level from just beneath the top to 200 feet deep and keep them running regularly at that level. Therefore, once you've determined what depth the seafood tend to be feeding at, you can easily maintain your lures because "feeding area".

When a fish takes your lure, it will pull your fishing line from the line launch. This may permit you to fight the seafood, without battling huge body weight.

Step-By-Step Operation Of A Guide Downrigger

As the boat is running at trolling speed, set your fishing reel to free-spool, apply minor force towards the reel together with your flash and let your appeal out to the desired distance. Then set the drag clicker to halt your reel from free-spooling. Today, location your fishing rod in the pole holder.

Next, grasp the fishing range (beyond the pole tip) within one hand. Utilizing the other hand, attain down and securely grasp the range launch. Carry the cannonball out from the water and attach the line towards line release. After that alleviate the cannonball back in the water.

While firmly grasping the downrigger reel's handle, loosen the clutch knob (located on the right side of the downrigger) by-turning it counter-clockwise. This can launch the stress regarding the clutch disc dishes that holds the cannonball at confirmed depth.

Once you feel the fat regarding the cannonball pull-on the downrigger reel, crank the reel counter-clockwise to reduce the cannonball. View the line counter that is mounted on the top of the downrigger. The range counter is marked in one single base increments.

After you start to see the level you would like marked at risk countertop, retighten the disc clutch by-turning the clutch knob clockwise until the clutch holds the extra weight associated with cannonball.

Once you've set the clutch on your own downrigger, put the drag and drag clicker on the fishing reel. After that take up the slack inside within fishing line, until there clearly was a bow in your fly fishing rod.

Whenever a seafood hits or when you want to access your lure, remove your fly fishing rod from pole owner and abruptly raise it to discharge your fishing range from the line release. After that fight and secure your seafood or access your appeal.

Finally, to retrieve your cannoball, securely grip the downrigger reel's handle, loosen the clutch knob and crank the downrigger reel clockwise before cannonball areas. After that tighten up the clutch knob to keep the cannonball securely.

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