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Duckett Fishing Rods

Duckett Fishing Warranty from day of purchase:

  • White Ice- twenty years
  • MicroMagic Pro- five years
  • Terex- 5 years
  • Ghost- 1 year
  • Reels- 1 year

Duckett Fishing will warranty your new pole or reel against producers problems. This warranty is extended to your original buyer that can not be transferred. Duckett Fishing will replace or restore your pole or reel, if the damage is regarded as, by Duckett Fishing, to own resulted from defects in product or workmanship. If it is determined the damage to your rod or reel is due to other than faulty products or bad workmanship we shall get in touch with you physically with regards to your choices. Please keep your evidence of purchase in a safe spot as you should provide a copy of it to file a claim at any time through the guarantee period. Tips and Guides are not included in this warranty. However, we'll do just about anything feasible to help you if you experience issues with recommendations or guides.

To warranty your rod or reel, kindly print and complete the attached Warranty Form totally. Please include the needed repayment in the shape of your own check or cash purchase. Failure to fully or precisely complete the guarantee form can lead to a delay into the warranty procedure. Please enable two-three weeks through the time you send out united states your warranty claim for your brand new item is processed and sent.

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