A Fishing Rod s Action

Fishing rod action

Power & ActionSt. Croix Rods are designed to perform in a different way for various programs and fishing techniques. Energy and Action describe certain performance faculties associated with rod, various other factors will impact how the rod performs for you. Blank material plays a big part in a rod’s overall performance faculties – to find out more, check out our Blank products Guide.

Rod Energy:

The “power” of a pole relates to simply how much stress it will take to flex the rod. Different pole powers tend to be designed to efficiently deal with a certain range of lure loads and line sizes. To pick a rod energy that'll perform most effective for you, just slim your alternatives to rods designed to throw the extra weight of lures – and sizes of outlines – you’ll fish with most often.

Rod Action:

The “action” of a pole depends upon in which a rod flexes over the empty. Quicker activity rods flex mostly near the tip. Moderate action rods flex more nearby the middle of the blank. Slower activity rods flex down into the butt area.

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