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In a current post, I Inquired “So What Does Delta Airlines Have Actually Against Fishermen?” I'd discovered that, unlike most domestic air companies that enable long fishing-rod instances, Delta charges $200 round-trip to check fishing rods longer than 62 inches. Yet permits skiers to test cases containing skis the exact same size or longer at no charge.

I had written Delta asking about the irrational and seemingly fisherman-unfriendly fee. The state spokesman neglected to deal with the issue and added “This is our final response.”

Recently, I posed an equivalent query to Copa, which flies to many great Central United states fishing spots, including direct routes into Panama City from numerous U.S. airports.

Copa had a somewhat various catch-22 for fishermen: a fly fishing rod situation could measure to 115 ins — except the rule added “Fishing equipment cannot exceed 80 inches long.”

Say just what?

We noticed that anglers whom wanted to deliver 7-foot rods (We often do) could possibly be turned away on airport given that contradictory addendum.

Possibly some fishermen have actually inspected much longer rod cases on Copa despite it is now-obsolete 80-inch maximum rule, however it seems to me the chance to be turned away at airport check-in would-be a pretty high risk to take on a fantasy fishing trip to Central The united states. Unlike Delta, Copa would not issue some meaningless “final reaction” to my query.

Copa obviously likes sport anglers and wishes our company.

I know this because I heard from Copa’s CEO whom decided with me and, yesterday, the airline managed to get formal: it's simple to fly with your rods in a pipe to 115 complete inches with no problem. Also, Copa will count your rod tube and tackle package (or bag) collectively as one item (up to the allocated 50 pounds total). And, by-the-way, if you fly Copa south associated with border, even in mentor you’ll get a hot meal with genuine silverware and wine.

So I’m pleased to share with taking a trip fishermen some good news about an airline that — indeed, unlike Delta — really wants sport anglers to fly with it, evidenced by Copa’s determination to produce a straightforward change so its luggage rules sound right.

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