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I wish i purchased these first. I purchased the other people with grommets on end and my recommendations would move across the end, beating the objective of having covers. I bought covers because We transport my rods in sleep of my truck all weekend and I have a brief bed so I need to place them diagonally and just fit. When my tip got caught under my sleep covers frame and I knew I got fortunate when it didnÕt get destroyed. They are hands down a lot better than others companies. We have placed force to them as well as the tips still donÕt push through. They're also less heavy within tip as compared to various other covers. No further tangled lines or rods and it tends to make using all of them inside and out of my truck and boat simple. I wish I'd purchased these years back. They truly are well worth the financial investment to safeguard your rods.

These and all associated with Rode Glove items are precisely what Im in search of regarding not merely defense. But company too. Since getting my first one, We have perhaps not had one rod problem. I am hard of rods through contstant use and transportation. They're a that you can get!!

They are great! While i have never ever had any issues with the material grommets on various other companies, the tapered tips make these more straightforward to get in and out of pole lockers. Besides that, they keep my rods looking great without scuffs and scratches. Easy connect treatment too!

The Rod Glove is definitely best pole protection you should buy hands down, We have seemed as well as tried a few of the others, never waste some time or cash, Rod Glove is the way to go!

I bought several the Rod Gloves to try to resolve a tight locker scenario within my new Bass Tracker ship. The direction I have to put my rods in is so severe we genuinely didn't think customized pole lockers or any sleeve for my rods would therefore anything. really after a fast telephone call for their customer service division we thought relaxed and bought 10 through TW. It absolutely was one of the best assets I created for my watercraft up to now. It not merely appears cool, the good news is my rods slip inside and out with ease and therefore are protected besides. Thank you for making an excellent product!

These are without doubt ideal pole covers you will get. The tapered ends work great with no much more tangled up rods into the field.

We have these and possesses saved my guides countless times

This is what I've needed for such a long time. We took most of the pole pipes off my boat when I first got it therefore I could fit more rods in rod locker. Just what in pretty bad shape that was...I got a hold of the and there is no looking straight back. I will stuff many rods during my rod locker without tangles or being forced to wrap the range round the rods. It offers certainly made myself more cost-effective. The tapered tips tend to be a huge benefit because they wont allow a rod tip poke out of the end. All my co anglers keep these things to and love all of them!

They're the best pole protectors online! They go quickly in and easily regarding pole lockers!

Great product whenever your traveling w/ rods. We fish w/ my father and also to travel to and from w/ rods and ended up being fed up with having tangled eyes and lines. purchased 1 for each pole and am happy with the results. purchased several colors too thus I understand what pole is in each. jig, worm, crank and finesse.

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