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What Exactly Is A Reel Seat?

A reel seat is a fly rod component that essentially holds the reel to your rod, frequently making use of securing material bands or sliding bands.

Reel seating will have bigger inside diameters than the fishing rod blanks they will be put in on. To obtain the reel seat to match properly regarding the empty, we have to develop arbors.

You will should install an arbor. The arbor serves one purpose, which is to focus the reel seat within the blank even though the glue sets up. Arbors could be made making use of masking tape, dried out wall surface mesh tape or by buying pre made graphite arbors.

(instructional videos offered below).

Note: of these instructions I will be utilizing masking tape.

Arbor Guidelines.

Start by wrapping the masking tape around the blank.

Start about 1/2 inches out of the rear grip.

Wrap the tape before the reel chair slides over the arbor comfortable.

Install another arbor about 1/2 inch straight back from front side of reel chair.

Then finally install a third at the center.

Reel Seat Guidelines.

Apply the glue across arbors, making certain to completely cover.

After that use glue amongst the arbors.

Ensure that the glue adheres to the empty plus the reel seat.

Today slide the reel chair on the arbors at once switch the reel chair 360° to make sure the glue tends to make full experience of your blank.

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