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G Loomis Fishing rod Blanks


: The extremely high stiffness-to-weight proportion and stress price of IMX lets us make a blank which is to 50% better, and 40per cent less heavy, than comparable graphite blanks.

: With modulus and stress price numbers usually based in the higher-priced blanks, GL3 will be the most readily useful mid-range worth on earth. These blanks function a matte black colored, stealth finish that'll not spook seafood, and an amount tag that'll not spook anglers.

: A new, large stress price version of our standard graphite, GL2 offers unparalleled strength and durability in an incredibly affordable blank. A low-gloss deep blue matte finish gives these blanks a look that is as dynamic because it's unique.

: Obsidion. This show was created with a balance of graphite and cup which makes it a well rounded and lightweight big fishing device. These high quality models of Rod Blanks are made for choose set of fishermen who decide to inhabit this world of massive seafood. Obsidion's rich gloss black finish comes in G. Loomis saltwater pelagic and freshwater muskie types of Rod Blanks available for the first occasion.


The design number per rod tells you the distance, power rating, and group of pole. As an example, the F1084 GLX model quantity reduces below:
F = Fly
108 = 108 ins
4 = 4 fat
GLX = kind of graphite.
If a blank is much more than one-piece, the design number will undoubtedly be followed by a dash, after that a 2 (2 piece) or 4 (4 piece).


All G•Loomis blanks receive an electric rating inside their category. A steelhead pole with a #4 rating, for example, is a medium activity rod. A light saltwater blank with a #4 rating, conversely, is heavy action. Rankings usually operate from 0 (ultralight) to 6 (significant).


Our fly fishing rod blanks tend to be ranked for weight-forward outlines. Score are the same for two fold taper outlines. If you are using a shooting taper or casting extremely short distances, progress one line dimensions. Including a 9' pole rated for #6 line balances at 35 to 40 legs with a 9' frontrunner. However if you usually cast not as much as 25', you may want to go to a #7 range. Conversely, if you are making lengthy casts and keeping many range floating around, drop a line dimensions.


We tailor pole action, or flex, towards fishing application. Refer to the drawing on right to obtain the activity you prefer.


G•Loomis will restore and change any one of their pole blanks discovered is defective in workmanship or materials, at no charge, as long as you possess the rod. Send the complete, wrecked blank to: Warranty reports division

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