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Although our biggest selection of large amount customers tend to be tackle producers, our specialists at Glow Inc. are not avid fisherman. In fact, many would run at the sight of a worm.

But our bait-loving clients report great success with shine in the dark fishing lures. To the shock, they even claim that the fish like the radiance lures throughout the day.

Fish story?...Possibly.


Although we provide pigment to a lot of appeal manufacturers, there is no need purchasing off-the-shelf radiance at night tackle. We advise you merely take a store bought spoon or appeal and dip it in Ultra Green Glow at nighttime Paint. You'll need at least a 1/2 pint can for this working. Then hang it to dried out for 20 minutes. When dry, coat it with Krylon Crystal Clear Spray paint. Now get fishing and revel in yourself.


Manufacturers make use of airbrushes and masking to color spoons. Right airbrush strategies will give you the capability to use a smooth consistent area with impressive fading results. For advice on utilizing an airbrush, consult our artwork practices area. Also remember to make use of a sealer.


If you mold your very own lures, you can include to 10% of radiance in the dark pigment (dust) directly to the method before filling the mold. This makes a lure that glows from the inside and does not typically need a sealer.

Night Fishing with Glow in the Dark Paint by Rodney extended

When I obtained my bottles of Ultra Green Glow paint, I became really excited to use it to my fishing equipment. I desired to observe much these things will make evening fishing better.

Im impressed. These items works and from now on i will tell you how to make your night fishing more effective. The premixed radiance paint can be brushed or dispersed. An airbrush is the greatest method to get a level layer of paint onto your tackle. But since many anglers won't have usage of an air brush, this article will protect brush painting. If you should be fortunate enough to own an airbrush, browse the airbrush page on the Glow Inc. web site. The thicker you use the paint, the better and much more effective it's going to be. However, a light slim coating nevertheless does quite nicely.

Some of Glow Inc.’s items are waterproof nor require an additional coat. Other individuals such as the Ultra Green I useful for my evaluating need a clear sealer to guard them from dampness. I discovered that Krylon magnificent squirt paint as suggested by Glow Inc. is the better option. It's readily available at any Wal-Mart or Home Depot for $3. For fishing applications, I like to include 3 coats of this sealer.

One of the greatest issues with evening fishing is witnessing your pole tips. Also good illumination and brightly colored rods tend to be quite difficult to see. The glow paint assists aside right here plenty. But, i simply cannot deliver myself to paint the termination of $200 fishing rods. Outstanding solution is to use a coffee stirrer or consuming straw, with respect to the diameter of the tip. You cut the straw to a length of about 2 inches after which reduce a slit up one side. Paint the straw with a thick layer of radiance paint and sealer. After that slip it onto your rod. In reality, I personally paint the straw after I contain it regarding the pole as it looses some mobility after a thick coating of paint.

This is effective to let you view your ideas. Nevertheless still have to right view all of them. I will be lazy, which will be what they say about all inventors. So, I created ways to possess rod notify me personally when seafood tend to be biting. We decided to go to the neighborhood art store and purchased small cowbells. Some have discussed they like utilising the people they sell for fishing, but I don’t like them. Paint your bells along with your glow paint and sealer. Then attach them to the rod tip using a paper clip letting the bell hang loosely.

Lots of people fish with floats at night. Paint the top of your floats with a little bit of Ultra Green together with sealer to ensure they are visible.

When fishing during the night or in deep stained water, you can use radiance beads or shine lures to create focus on your bait. Glow beads are made from a 1/4” standard art store beads coated using radiance paint. One or more of the beads may be threaded onto your range just above your hook. Whenever painting the beads, we suggest that you string them on a line to help keep the holes available.

I'm sure they offer molded “glow beads”, but these tend to be about 1/10 as bright as beads coated aided by the Ultra Green radiance paint. A single shine bead in front of any appeal or bait really can boost the few fish caught through the night.

Some have actually pointed out painting the shine loads. My experience is that the bead technique allows you to obtain the “glow” nearer to the hook. The glow paint normally much more durable on a bead than on a weight. Considering that the Ultra Green Glow paint creates equivalent shade as natural shining deep water pets, it does not spook the seafood at all.

The last word of advice i could offer is on charging you your radiance products. You will want a brilliant source of light or an UV light source onsite to keep your glow tackle not only shining, but radiant brightly. A relatively inexpensive solution to accomplish this has been used disposable flash digital cameras, that could be acquired clear of many image designers. A better option is to buy a portable black light that runs on AA batteries. They are offered by Spencer Gifts for about $15.

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