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Bass Professional Stores® Micro Lite™ Glass Spinning Rods 5 78 78

Nice light rod i obtained this as an extra ultralight pole to choose an innovative new tinylight spinning reel l got and I also want it. That it is alot more versatile as compared to other 5' UL pole that I have, therefore it has actually a really soft, quick activity and it casts well. THIS ROD IS LITE THE ROD TIP IS FLIMSY EACH FISH FEELS AS THOUGH A MONSTER HOWEVER WELL USUALLY CATCH FISH WITH THIS If you'd like to have a great time in fishing for panfish, perch or trout, you got to try this rod. Many enjoyable i've had in fishing, liked it much my fishing lover got one and now we love getting panfish. The tip for the pole we can set the hook better and quicker. I have used this pole for jigging and activity using jig is unbelieveable, it will make a big difference in making the seafood bite, in addition used it with bobber and jig and once again couldn't let me down. I liked the rod plenty I bought two more and rigged one for only jigging, plus the other to be used with a bobber as well as the third for use with little, light-weight crankbait for cappie.

smart design - mediocre high quality Graphite rods tend to be lighter and much more rigid than fiberglass rods while having just about absorbed. Graphite rods, being much more rigid and lighter, transfer the energy of a light hit a lot better than heavy, mushy, smooth rods that absorb and dampen the vitality. They let the fisherman feel what is going on at the conclusion of their line. BUT - experienced anglers know there are sometimes advantages to "glass" rods. That's where this pole shines. I bought the 5' one-piece pole. It really is a "sluggish" action design (the circumference through the tip associated with the pole increases very slowly (slowly) towards butt for the rod), causeing the a soft, whip-like pole that bows well right down to the handle, just like a fly rod. This can be a great design for casting ultra-light and micro-light lures to panfish. On a reliable retrieve, these lures usually set the hooks on their own when the fish hit, making it irrelevant that these glass rods don't possess the susceptibility of graphite. The sluggish action design of the empty with the softer fiberglass in addition make fighting smaller species of fish a lot more exciting (WAY FUN!). That is where this design is a superstar. Everyone loves my pricey graphite rods, but We however like a slow activity cup pole for certain applications. We normally purchase high priced custom made rods or top-of-the-line St. Croix rods. It is a great design for many kinds of fishing and I could be ready to pay a great deal more for an improved quality type of this glass rod (better real seat, higher quality cork handle, better eyelets - fine Bass professional Shop?). P.S. I'ven't had any issues with tiny diameter braided range sawing through the eyelets. It appears they normally use porcelain eyelets which are appropriate for braided outlines.

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