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Vintage Garcia Fishing Rods

We review and report on a lot of brand new fishing tackle over the course of a-year. Some reels and rods are undoubtedly a great deal enhanced, and I love the technical innovations. But we periodically think that perhaps I'm also enamored of the latest things. So what towards old material?

In pondering this, I made the decision i possibly could be completely delighted fishing with similar things I became making use of two decades ago. Indeed, some of the "old things" doesn't appear old whatsoever but still features perfectly. Below are a few examples:

You're Abu Garcia's round-type baitcast reels, as shown in the image. They were outstanding design decades ago plus they nevertheless tend to be. There have been various design tweaks through the years, but the fundamental design is unchanged. We have and use both 5000- and 6000-series designs, usually when pike or striper fishing.

Comparable thinking relates to much of my fly tackle. We have a Fenwick HMG graphite 9-foot, 5-weight design that We built from a blank in the mid-1970s. In those days, graphite had been new and Jim Green, Fenwick's ace rod designer, ended up being a pioneer in using it to fly rods.

The pole, of course, still seems very light when you look at the hand and casts superbly. I might do not have trouble using it for the majority of of my modern trout fishing.

None of the foregoing implies that i am less enamored of new tackle. I nonetheless lust for new rods and reels, in order to attempt all of them on and see if they are undoubtedly better. Just what it will mean, though, is that I might not be very as fast to abandon old-tackle pals for new people, in spite of how much greener the grass seems.

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Garcia Fishing Rods
Garcia Fishing Rods

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