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Vintage Shakespeare Fishing Rods

shakespearebulleta.jpg (29376 bytes)Shakespeare Dating Chart

Make use of the following charts to date Shakespeare Tackle Company reels and rods. For reels, the design number, which is a two letter signal, could be the very first 12 months a reel had been manufactured, or even the very first year a significant difference or innovation had been utilized on reel I hope there are them helpful.


You will see two letters on the side dishes associated with the reel. An illustration is HN = 1938 using dining table

For rods, the model rule occurs when the rod was introduced.


11 12

First couple of letters indicate 12 months, final letter could be the thirty days.

Sample GHJ =1943 February

Shakespeare Bullet Reel Oiler

My favorite Shakespeare collectible. My thinking on its origin is the fact that Shakespeare made ammo cases during WW II. Sometime during, or after, they utilized equivalent gear to create the human body of these oilers, after that machined the round to act as a premier. I am not certain that they certainly were ever before cataloged, i believe these people were giveaways. Exact same size as a .30-06 round. Plated Brass 3 1/16 very long.

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Fishing Rods Shakespeare
Fishing Rods Shakespeare

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