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Best Rod and reel for Pier Fishing

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How to Fish

Whether your aim is unwind with buddies, catch your following dinner, or get away from it all, here are some tips on how to pier fish. But prior to going down and spending a king's ransom on fishing equipment determine what variety of fish you're immediately following!

If you should be targeting Spanish Mackerel you ought to buy swivels and metal leaders. A number of well known “must have actually” jigs are Got-Cha™ Plugs, Yo Zuri® and Looney Jigs.

Rod and Reel

The first & most thing is a rod and reel. For starters you need to buy an open face reel with 12 to 15 pound tested range. If you should be considering pursuing bigger fish you should buy a regular fishing rod that may hold a variety of 15 to 30 lb range. (The lb evaluation number represents the opposition strength of this fishing pole.) Cannot go crazy purchasing a massive pricey pole starting, a medium sized pole can do.


Treble hooks will be the common hooks used on the pier. There are various different sizes of hooks while the dimensions depends upon the sort of fish you're shortly after. Lures are extremely essential when pier fishing. If the baitfish aren't biting, the lures will be your only way of attracting fish. Several of the most popular brands tend to be Got-Cha™ Plugs, Yo Zuri® and Looney Jigs, and the ones are just various.

Pliers and Knives

A set of pliers is a certain must have. Almost all of the seafood caught from the pier have quite sharp teeth, additionally the pliers comes into play handy when removing hooks from your own catch. Also carrying an excellent blade for cutting range or seafood is an important item to own readily available.

Tackle Box

Having an excellent tackle package or something like that to help keep your tackle in is often recommended. You'll find nothing more aggravating than unorganized tackle. It may possibly be a little bit of an investment, but we guarantee it will likely be a one.


Before seeing a pier remember to investigate regional bait and tackle shops in the region. Those places should have a selection of items for pier fishing or go ahead and scroll straight down and buy our “Starter Kit.” If you're seeking to catch yours bait, do not fear. Times of the season baitfish may be caught with a Sabiki Rig.

Most readily useful Time For You Fish

The best times to fish are often early mornings or belated afternoons. it is also essential to check your local tide and weather condition reports before going to the pier. (available select weather and tide reports here:

Position for the Pier

There are lots of locations to seafood from the pier. With regards to the kind of fish you're once will determine exactly what position you should simply take. Usually the bigger seafood will be caught towards the end of the pier. Water is much deeper and keeps an increased chance of getting huge game.


You could get frustrated your first number of times on the pier, however if you stick with it over time you will come to be a great pier fisherman. You need to be patient and get available to you and try it. We guarantee whenever you hook up on your own very first fish it will be worth the delay.

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