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Game Fishing Rods and reels

In most of billfish types globally, anything up to 50-pound-test equipment is suitable. But once the specific types consist of blue and black colored marlin or giant bluefin tuna which could weigh-in excess of 1, 000 weight, it’s time to intensify to the hefty tackle. Here’s a preview of some of the best and biggest regarding range capability, drag settings and much more.


The Platinum two-speed reels from correct are a few seriously engineered gear, beginning with a highly efficient TwinDrag system and two-speed Quick-Shift for a simple change between large and reasonable gears. There’s complete free-spool at every drag establishing too.


The Albacore Two-Speed sets from Alutecnos functions a limitless anti-reverse system that is made as one component through technical CNC processing and applied to all designs. Alutecnos devices each of the reel’s components utilizing CNC processes from a bar of special aluminum alloy especially made for marine environments, and all sorts of of the business’s reels are subject to thorough dimensional inspections.


The largest entry from Avet functions maybe not two but three speeds when it comes to ultimate responsible. The one-piece machined aluminum frames, six stainless baseball bearings and heavy-duty carbon-fiber drag are built to withstand incredible discipline, although the 12 optional colors can match nearly anyone’s taste in reels. Avet reels will also be designed, machined and put together in the usa.

Duel Reels

Antal, the Italian parent organization of Duel Reels, was understood when you look at the cruising world for over 30 years; the Duel two-speed design will be based upon the mechanics of the Antal cruising winch. To switch to reduced equipment, the angler simply reels backwards, without eliminating his or her hand from reel’s handle.


Everol’s big-game reels function an original drag system with a graduated scale on an eco-friendly side plate, enabling the angler to put the most drag everywhere along the arc of this drag lever. The reels also shift efficiently between the high (3-to-1) and low (1.6-to-1) gears also underneath the many extreme conditions.

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