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All star Fishing rod

Built One Rod at a Time… Tuned and Tested, prepared for Action.

All Star rods are the rods of choice for America’s serious, competitive anglers. Each pole is made utilizing the finest materials and components readily available. We all know your those who are devoted to the activity of fishing expect unequaled quality when they purchase an All celebrity pole. Each pole is designed to satisfy anglers’ certain needs from coast to coast, whatever the specific fishing application is.

Freshwater Rods

Our freshwater rods feature lightweight graphite blanks that can feel the lightest touch and deliver unequaled power and cast control.

Saltwater Rods

Our inshore and overseas rods have corrosion-resistant elements that can handle the worries and stress of saltwater fishing.

How Our Rods Are Designed

Just what exactly tends to make an All Star rod different from others? It’s the items you can’t observe that make these rods less heavy, much more balanced, stronger, and simpler to fish with. We at all-star just take pride to make top graphite rods. Every stage of pole building is done by hand – from wrapping the graphite around mandrels which have been made to supply the specific action you will need, to sanding and layer them. We just take pleasure in realizing that every rod that will leave the All Star factory has been examined, flexed, tested, and accepted.

Our Manufacturing Process

Making a good graphite pole is a lot like building a home. You need to be sure you possess right products and you have to place them together in the correct series – spending special attention to the main points. We utilize the finest quality graphite products readily available along with our unique resins to create the perfect balance of sensitiveness, flexibility, and rigidity. Only the finest quality components, like Fuji® guides and reels seating, in addition to top grade cork are used on of our rods. Our design staff ensures all the guides tend to be spaced in line with the activity and power rating of this rod. All the parts interact to generate the ultimate fishing rod.

Expert Design Coupled With Diligent Quality Control

Our design staff has many years of experiences and achieves a action for every particular fishing application. Our production team is trained and experienced in blank and rod building and it is checked by our diligent quality-control staff. Our rods are made at a technologically advanced facility by a passionate selection of staff members which love to fish and simply take pride in their art.

Rods Pros Love

We have chosen a Pro for the staff who's the most successful in the us, Darren Gallaher – an angler that knows a superior quality rod fashioned with exemplary design when he utilizes it. He's got assisted united states produce rods which have the exact actions for specific fishing situations, from wading for redfish, to casting for bass.

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