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I experienced zero objectives for Bulgaria. I’d never ever came across a Bulgarian, I’d never came across anybody who’d visited Bulgaria and I’d never ever read or seen such a thing concerning the place. I happened to be moving in empty, hence was actually nice for a big change.

I did have large hopes, but. After a forgettable experience in Turkey, I required someplace to make me laugh again, although the bus ride within the border ended up being of the I-want-to-punch-someone-in-the-face variety, notably of a suitable farewell gift from the Turkish, I nonetheless had hopes that Bulgaria will be different.

It had been.

We freakin’ love Bulgaria. As I think back over my three weeks in the country, we struggle to bear in mind any bad experiences at all. My just regret is i really couldn’t remain longer and explore.

What’s so excellent about it? I’ll inform you.

It’s one of many cheapest countries I’ve ever before visited, and since the united states has actually abandoned its want to adopt the euro it is most likely things will stay by doing this. Typical salaries vary between $300-$600/month and things in the nation tend to be listed appropriately. Which means $2 for a cab trip, $3 for a restaurant dinner and $5 for a film solution.

My hostel in Plovdiv was breathtaking; we had genuine bedrooms in place of bunks, ultra-fast wifi, and a regular morning meal of salami, ham, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, mozzarella cheese, good fresh fruit, toast, jam, muesli, tea and coffee (many hostels only provide you with breads and jam). All up it cost myself around 45 euro for five evenings. Gin and tonics during the bars rarely cost more than $3. Getting connected with a sim card with net expense me personally around $5. I got great Airbnbs, bang within the town center in both Plovdiv and Sofia, for approximately $20-$30 per night. If you’re looking for a reasonable location to travel in Europe, it willn’t get a lot better than Bulgaria.

According to Bloomberg, Bulgaria has got the 8th fastest internet on earth – quicker compared to US, and surely faster than New Zealand. For an individual who works online this definitely had myself smiling every morning. If you’re travelling in Bulgaria and choose just take a lazy day's Youtubing, take comfort in once you understand you won’t be punching your phone waiting for movies to load (in HD, too!).

To my first night in Plovdiv I met up with a Couchsurfer and we headed down for some standard Bulgarian food prior to hitting-up Fabric – a grungy small club in Plovdiv’s center. A number of the woman buddies have there been and invited united states to stay together, and we also invested the night sipping cheap black russians and chatting the night time away. Each of them spoke great English, welcomed me enthusiastically to their nation and were super relaxed and friendly – exactly my particular individuals.

Because it turned-out, this hospitality would carry on when it comes to rest of my visit. Making friends ended up being effortless in Plovdiv, even though we planned to only remain a couple of days I ended up staying in town for two weeks. During my stay I happened to be invited on each evening – to a dinner, a jazz bar, a club, a celebration – everyone else doing their best to make certain Plovdiv left a smile on my face (it did). Back at my final night in Plovdiv I decided to do it painless, so I headed to a single of my favourite bars for starters final drink, alone. However during the stroll house I bumped into two pals whom declined to allow me head residence early for the night. Through to the final hour, I happened to be in good organization in Plovdiv.

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