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This bass fishing rod provides exceptional performance and comfort at an extremely competitive cost

I’ve been quite picky about my bass fishing rods. There’s absolutely nothing even worse than forking up a bunch of hard-earned cash for a pole, simply to have it snap like a dry twig initially you employ it. Next happened certainly to me a few times, we vowed to be more selective when adding to my rod collection.

For the past weeks, I’ve had a way to test the newest 13 Fishing Omen Ebony 2 Casting Rod. The original Omen Black series was absolutely nothing short of impressive—I however make use of it each time I’m in the water—so I made a concerted work to get my hands on the 2nd generation while researching and contrasting different design and performance features.

Here’s what you should learn about these rods.

  • Beautifully balanced
  • Sensitive and effective
  • Practical details
  • Great price point

Well balanced

Many fishermen disregard the significance of a well-balanced bass fly rod. Once you've a way to utilize one, however, you’ll straight away notice and value the real difference. Poorly balanced rods cause unneccessary tiredness through the day, uncomfortable casting movements and inefficient presentations in a lot of circumstances.

Whenever I very first picked up the 13 Fishing Omen Ebony 2 Casting Rod, its near-perfect stability ended up being first thing that jumped aside at me. The butt doesn’t droop down when you raise the tip, however it isn’t tip-heavy both. I have two of the rods—a 7-foot, 6-inch medium-heavy and a 7-foot, 3-inch heavy-action—and I’ve paired these with various casting reels throughout my evaluation. Regardelss of my reel choice, I’m in a position to balance these rods with my index little finger placed straight above the EVA foregrip.

The total amount of the pole seems to translate into a rather “natural-feeling” fly fishing rod and a comfortable day on the water. I’ve already been utilizing my two rods for shallow-water jig fishing and deep-water worm fishing and both were exemplary. I’m in a position to fish for 8 to 10 hours at the same time with no forearm exhaustion or hand cramps whatsoever.

Although this isn’t the lightest pole during my collection, its balance certainly comprises for almost any additional weight.

a blend of susceptibility and energy

Fly rod manufacturers face a fragile balancing act between sensitivity and energy. a painful and sensitive pole is excellent, however, if it willn’t have enough capacity to wrench a 5-pounder from a brush or stone stack, the angler are at an immediate downside. Likewise, rods which are too effective usually are lacking the right number of sensitiveness an angler needs to identify bites.

I’ve found the 13 Fishing Omen Black 2 Casting Rod to possess a distinctive mixture of both elements. Bite detection has been effortless throughout my testing and I also believe two design elements have the ability. The 30-ton Japanese Toray blanks have actually something called Poly Vector Graphite Technology, or PVG. Really, this permits for a tighter graphite structure and, subsequently, even more sensitivity. In addition, the reel chairs let your ring-finger to stay in continual and direct experience of the empty throughout your entire retrieve. I’ve had no issues experiencing alterations in bottom composition or those “mushy” bites that tired summertime bass tend to be understood.

When it comes to energy, I’ve been excessively impressed with this specific rod show. I’m getting the majority of my seafood recently on deep brush heaps and I’ve had the opportunity to get the seafood far from any snag-inducing cover quickly and efficiently. The fast tip rapidly means a strong empty and when the pole is under much load, I’ve heard absolutely zero “uh-oh” sounds such as for instance popping, creaking or crackling.

Small details that make sense

I feel like 13 Fishing put a lot of time and energy into making small—but practical—improvements to their first-generation Omen Black series. I’m certain there’s plenty of technical lingo i possibly could used to increase with this, but let’s adhere to the 2 design functions i believe fishermen will most appreciate.

Probably one of the most obvious modifications I’ve observed is the full-length cork grip. I’ve never already been a huge fan of cork grips due to their eventual pitting and decay, but this cork is actually hand-selected 3A Portuguese cork. From exactly what I’ve researched, it is the highest-grade cork you'll find. It seems great and fancy, exactly what it fundamentally suggests is the fact that the cork is extremely comfortable, it resists pitting as time passes and from the thing I can inform to date, it’s very tarnish resistant.

Another awesome addition may be the snagless hook keeper you’ll find over the foregrip. I can’t inform you exactly how many times I’ve broken my range, hook keeper—or both—on big, bulky hook keepers. You’ll be flipping or pitching around docks and without knowing, your line slips under the keeper. Whenever you put the hook, anything will break.

This design function does a fantastic task at taking the hook keeper from the equation whenever you’re fishing. You don’t really notice it’s there until you need it.


The 13 Fishing Omen Black 2 Casting Rods start at $99.99 and be truthful, i believe it is a take for these types of an excellent rod. These rods fish superior to a few of the $250 rods within my collection.

In addition really worth quickly noting is my customer service experience so far with 13 Fishing. One of my rods was damaged in shipping, and so I took a photo for the damage and delivered it towards the business. Within an hour, I'd a form reaction and a return delivery label within my mail inbox. We delivered the rod returning to them another early morning and also by mid-afternoon, I had a fresh, undamaged pole sitting to my doorstep. They need to have overnighted it from Tampa.

The following day, I missed a few phone calls from an unknown number and truth be told, forgot to go back the phone call. The number labeled as somewhat later within the mid-day, At long last replied and it also had been the Warranty Manager for 13 Fishing, simply calling to verify I received the pole and ensure I became happy with their particular service. Completely and entirely impressive.

Final impressions

For $99.99, this is certainly a stellar pole that'll make some budget-minded fishermen very happy over time. It was a joy to use and c’mon, man—that customer care had been unreal. I do believe you’ll be glad you offered this rod a shot.

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