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This stunning 8-km.-long beach is ideal for people. Kids will relish its relaxed, transparent oceans. Although it is a well known traveler location, it really is rarely crowded due to its expansion. Seashore volleyball games are generally played on its pale sands, plus the water you can practise windsurfing, parasailing or sailing, amongst other pursuits. The seafront promenade features pubs, kiosks and restaurants. It is possible to monitor the children as they build a sandcastle or splash around into the hot waters for the Ebony water whilst you have actually a glass or two.

RIU features one resort in the area: The resort Riu Helios.


Este pequeño pueblo en las colinas al este de Sunny seashore es uno de los más pintorescos de Bulgaria. Sus preciosas casas de madera parecen a punto de desmoronarse. Aunque se trate de un lugar muy visitado por los turistas, por sus calles, algunas sin asfaltar, aún se pasean caballos. Otras están empedradas y albergan casas-museo de gran interés. La de Yordan Yovkov, el gran escritor búlgaro, es una de las más bonitas y mejor conservadas.

Cape Emine

Cape Emine, alongside Cape Kaliakra, the most gorgeous headlands inside Ebony water. You can find wonderful views to be enjoyed from the lighthouse. A 60m high cliff that plunges down practically vertically into the ocean hides a pleasant, quiet coastline.


This breathtaking city is based on a peninsula attached to the coastline by a thin isthmus. As tourist-orientated since it is gorgeous, with its streets old churches and wood houses alternate with pubs, restaurants and souvenir stores.

Its calculated that there had been previously over 80 churches in the old city of Nesebar. Today a lot fewer continue, however they are still very breathtaking. In the middle associated with town lie the ruins associated with Basilica (6th century), the earliest of the nevertheless standing. One of the best-preserved temples may be the 14th-century church of Christ Pantocrator, using its characteristic Byzantine style. The 10th-century chapel of Saint John the Baptist has among best-preserved murals in the united kingdom.

Since being started by the Thracians over 3500 years back, the town has been inhabited without disruption. Walking through its streets steeped in history is an authentic satisfaction. The ocean breezes which have always blown through town assistance cool off you down on summertime times, when the sun truly does overcome straight down.

Go to the Kamchia Nature Reserve

Elms, oaks and maples line the river that lends its title towards location. From time to time the plant life can be so thick the sunlight can scarcely shine through.
The location can be characterised by its wetlands, the habitat for most species of amphibians and wild birds.
In certain areas of the river it's possible to understand white blossoms of liquid lilies, one of the more representative species of this area. Numerous lake trips are available, running right through this paradise of plants and creatures, naturalists and biologists.

Boat trips

A number of yacht trips leave from Sunny seashore, enabling you to learn some of the most stunning scenery on Bulgarian coastline. The excursions will require that individual bays where you could bathe and dive; and also to the ancient town of Nesebar, which you are able to find out from the ocean. Some trips provide dinners and lunches aboard.


This might be another of the numerous places in which children will enjoy on their own. Slides and revolution pools will guarantee they will have enjoyable and sleep well through the night. A few restaurants and taverns provide meals or refreshments without your having to leave the complex. If you'd like to getting away from most of the sunshine and water, there's also a bowling alley.

Go to the Ropotamo Nature Reserve

The Ropotamo River, just one more exceedingly stunning nature area, lies close to the beautiful south town of Sozopol. A boat journey will allow you to learn its swampy land therefore the dune system in the river lips, the greatest in Bulgaria.
Access is extremely restricted, given the fragility of ecosystem right here, but there are numerous lake routes and signposted paths enabling one to enter this nature reserve.


Bulgarian food is delicious, spicy and extremely similar to that of its Balkan neighbors. The Turkish impact is considerable. Sometimes, the essential difference between a Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish or Serbian dish resides entirely with its title or one ingredient almost.

Meat: features tend to be kavarmá, a type of stew containing chicken, leeks, wine, chilli and fresh herbs; méshana skara or combined grill; and sarmí, well-spiced minced meat covered with vine or cabbage leaves.

Yoghurt: undoubtedly this is basically the cooking symbol of Bulgaria. Indeed, the microorganism that transforms milk into yoghurt is known as 'Lactobacillus bulgaricus' or ‘Bulgarian milk bacillus’. Yoghurt is a vital component of the cold ‘tarator’ soup, which also includes cucumbers, garlic, oil and walnuts, and it is consumed like gazpacho. Another preferred dish is ‘airán’, diluted yoghurt with a little sodium.
Pertaining to mozzarella cheese, ‘sírene’, fashioned with cow or sheep milk, is used in a lot of meals like ‘shopska salata’, a salad made using tomato, cucumber, green pepper and onion.

Sweets: Ottoman influence are felt in the typical candies such ‘baklavá’, a pastry gateau full of walnuts and honey; ‘tolumba’, a fritter with syrup; or ‘kadaif’, vermicelli with walnuts, cinnamon and syrup.

Wines: Although Bulgarian wines have lost their particular splendour and markets they'd through the Communist age, they are still very good high quality. The united states has its own regional grape varieties such Mavrud, Gamza, Pamid and purple Misquet, among others, which produce exceptional wines. The crisis inside industry saw the development of international types such as for example Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Rkatsiteli, of Georgian source.

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