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The pole, developed by Jerry Siem, mind designer at Sage, is extremely accurate, can toss a pile of line across an entire river, and allows the angler great range when it comes to feel and manage. Various other fly rods have earned large scars in a few those categories, yet not them. Put another way, the X is the equivalent of a top-end big-mountain ski you can rely on anywhere.

We’ve had one of these brilliant rods available the previous couple of months—the X officially launches in August for $895—and we think it is an ideal mixture of Sage’s two previous leading products: the smooth Z-Axis (2007) and also the powerhouse ONE (2011). Sage, predicated on Bainbridge Island, Washington, accomplished this stability by tweaking its proprietary stability between graphite and resin, both main components in a rod blank.

We tested the 9-foot 5 weight. Picture: Nick Kelley

While we’re stoked up about X, we’re perhaps not surprised it's so good. Siem is obviously looking for ways to enhance an angler’s knowledge. “When I develop prototypes and place all of them during my hand, i actually do it by experience and keep in mind the total amount and improvement I’m wanting to produce, ” he states. “If i actually do my job right, you’re gonna desire to collect this rod and leave the old one behind.”

Siem also claims he ignores business trends and alternatively focuses on making rods for particular jobs, whether that is a windy 70-foot cast to rolling tarpon or a 10-foot chance to a hill brook trout. The X falls somewhere in between, with sufficient energy for long, precise casts and adequate finesse to go the fly a lot when it’s in water.

Near his house in Paradise Valley, Montana, Siem will fish, tweak, seafood, and tweak until he lands on which he believes is right. Not surprisingly, he’s already determining steps to make next design better yet. “I haven’t very looked at what’s likely to replace the X, ” says Siem.

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