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Every several years the problem of fly fishing rod warranties makes some heated discussion among manufacturers, fly store owners, and consumers, then vanishes. In 2010 might be different. David Leinweber, owner of Angler's Covey in Colorado Springs, had written an open letter to the business demanding that pole warranties be rethought, as well as in the last few days, i have heard more buzz on the topic from more resources than i will keep in mind.

You understand the offer. Many high-end rods include a no-fault guarantee. You slam it into the display screen door, or your pet consumes it, or possibly you also break it while fighting a fish, no problem. Only send it right back, pay a processing charge (they vary by producer) and you also get a unique rod. Thing is, you are currently paying for the replacement when you buy the $750 rod originally. I'll utilize fundamental math and round numbers: Rod makers realize that one out of three rods get damaged fundamentally, so that they tack a 3rd regarding the cost of an innovative new rod on the original purchase price.

Some anglers love that. Some would like to begin to see the price of the rods paid off. Some store owners love the warranty. Some think they offer far less rods than they would if individuals weren't getting so many "free" replacements. And therefore level of pole replacements is much more than you might believe. One major rod organization admitted which they get as much as 500 comes back weekly during the busy fishing months of summer time.

And some of this repair demands tend to be silly. Look at this pole tube being held by Jim West of Orvis Company, who heads their fixes division. He's seen it-all in over 40 years at Orvis, but this takes the dessert. I don't know if it got flattened by a tank; Jim didn't ask. But true with their vow, Orvis replaced it.

It form of bothers myself that the price of rods is influenced to some extent because of the cost of repairing things such as this.

I became conversing with another industry insider last week (couple of individuals need carry on the record with regards to this taboo), and he believes we possibly may see at least one producer launch a series of rods next year that expressly doesn't integrate a warranty. Just what would today be an $800 rod might-be priced at $500 or $600.

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