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Your Guide to Buying Vintage Fishing GearWhether for use or collection, there was an array of vintage fishing tackle available. Purchasers are able to find old rods, reels, hooks, loads, tackle cardboard boxes, outlines, and instructional publications. Classic or classic lures and flies are believed memorabilia, plus some rarer ones are important. When purchasing classic fishing equipment, check for good quality items that reveal small damage. Vintage items in good condition could be regularly great effect.


The earliest archaeological and anthropological evidence for fishing dates back 40, 000 years. Out of this period forward, fishing became a significant way of real human meals purchase. Ancient Egyptian artwork suggests that fishing could have already been an activity, but this may not be verified. For the centuries, brand-new methods created. One particular development is fly-fishing, which is thought to have originated from 2nd Century Rome. Through the dark ages, angling stayed an important source of food, but in addition became an activity when it comes to upper classes.

Aside from artwork, early writings, plus the periodic found hook, hardly any fishing equipment continues to be from early periods. Many preserved examples from the medieval duration are now actually safely preserved in museums.

Vintage and vintage fishing gear from the eighteenth, 19th, and early twentieth century is extremely popular. Costs vary dramatically, depending on the age of that, its problem, and its particular rarity.


Novice collectors should purchase a good collectibles guide. Collectibles books tend to be saturated in valuable information regarding rareness, worth, problem, and historic information. Buying a good collectors book helps novices avoid common errors.

Vintage Lures

Vintage lures have actually source dates that range from the 1800s into the 1970s. Their value differs extensively. State is quite crucial when obtaining lures. Mint condition lures have become pricey, as they are scarce and hard to find. Eliminate vintage lures which were "touched-up", because new paint placed on protect potato chips in original paintwork decreases the piece’s worth. Buyers should try to find obvious signs and symptoms of unsuitable cleansing and renovation, because this greatly decreases the worth and certainly will destroy an otherwise good appeal.

Vintage lures are available to suit every spending plan, from typical Pikies and Bombers, to extremely scarce four-hook Dowagiac casting baits by Heddon. Products feature lumber, rubber, and material, and many classic lures can still be used to fish with these days. Lures tend to be graded based on condition, from brand-new in field (NIB), to poor, repaint, and reproduction. Even those who work in excellent problem are going to have small age cracks, paint chips, along with other problems, specially older designs. Lures marketed as NIB or mint must have no age cracks, paint chips, or problems, since they are unused and preserved in their initial box. NIB lures are far more costly than those without cardboard boxes, even those in mint problem. The containers by themselves can be as high priced because the lures. It is specially true of very early containers, which were often made from wood with a sliding or hinged top.




  • Without original packaging




  • More than 25percent of original paintwork covered

Vintage Rods

Many frequently collected vintage fishing rods tend to be split bamboo models made of the early 1900s onwards. Even though longer rods tend to be scarcer, shorter rods are more well-liked by enthusiasts. Vintage rods restored to a tremendously large standard are virtually because valuable as unrestored rods in exemplary condition. But poorly-restored rods, or those with obvious signs of restoration, have quite little value. A rod because of the initial fabric bag and pole pipe is worth more than exactly the same rod without.

One typical mistake newbie enthusiasts make is to buy rods which are not the original size. Broken-tipped or shortened rods are not since important as full-length rods, and really serious collectors prevent them. The simplest solution to check whether or not the rod has received a broken tip is to dismantle the pole and lay the pieces next to one another on a set surface. The pieces should be about similar length. If the top section is substantially faster than the others, then it is most likely your pole features a broken tip. Rods within their original, unopened bins are far more valuable than their particular unboxed counterparts. Purchasers should request information and photographs in connection with condition of classic pole. Rods in exceptional problem must have just small defects in finish or varnish, without any mechanical or architectural flaws. From NIB, gradings continue down seriously to "poor" problem. Vintage gear in bad problem is of no worth except as free components.

The table below describes different grades of condition for vintage rods.

  • Minor scratches in finish
  • Needs light restoration
  • Multiple defects in finish
  • Considerable structural problems
  • Requires considerable upkeep

Vintage Reels

Like other classic fishing gear, reels vary commonly in price, scarcity, and condition. Reels without a manufacturer’s mark tend to be an excellent location for newbies to begin. Unmarked reels tend to be very interesting, but are generally affordable since they're difficult to day, and their origins and provenance are hard to uncover.

Reels made by Hardy, Shakespeare, Vom Hofe, Kentucky, and Milam tend to be very collectible, and may be extremely expensive if in immaculate condition. Some collectors gather just one sort of reel, for instance the single action fly reel, while others collect fly reels overall. Other enthusiasts choose a certain make of vintage reel, while nonetheless others collect reels of most types and makes.

Vintage reels have a double grading system which rates both look and mechanical condition. The very best reels are categorized as Mint/Mint which means the reels haven't already been made use of and are within their initial factory condition. Grading operates to valueless, which will read as A1/M2.

The dining table below listings the visual and technical grades of classic reels, in addition to explanations of these matching circumstances.

Purchasing Vintage Fishing Equipment on e-bay

There is a large selection of classic fishing equipment available on eBay. These items are observed in Sporting Goods and Collectibles portals. A search from the e-bay website additionally comes back most outcomes. To get more appropriate results, make use of a narrow search phrase, particularly "Hardy reels" or "Heddon lures".

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