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One of the best aspects of custom pole building, I think, could be summed up on a single word : "Innovation". Possessing the ability to design an item that exceeds the objectives of fishermen, while still maintaining the functionality of one's item, is really what we give consideration to one of the biggest aspects of custom built rods. Innovation is input this industry!

This is how we arrive! Three years ago, after an extended conversation with H.T. professional, Jeff Kelm, I started run our brand new long pole design. Becoming from New York, I experienced never ever also been aware of the concept of utilizing long rods or range through rods for ice fishing! This is an extremely brand new idea if you ask me.

It took several months of research, and several several years of evaluating to come up with the final product we available today! Featuring an increased transfer of vibration within the hand of hand, even the littlest of bites can be believed! The sensitivity with this rod is amazing, and is showing becoming far more advanced than every other range through or lengthy rods in the marketplace! You additionally have a choice of exactly what reel you intend to use, you aren't limited to a reel this is certainly completely installed towards rod.

"The range operates through the center regarding the rod, wont the line freeze?" This is the many asked question we have from folks, whenever speaing frankly about our brand new pole design. For those of you that have never heard of the style, a long rod was created to be utilized in 10' of liquid or less. Making use of a rod to 66'', it provides the capability to fish shallow-water without having to reel, with the ability to life your line right-up out of the liquid, take the seafood off, and drop it back towards same level.

In addition, if you are fishing shallow, clear water, using an extended pole gets you back away from hole. This is important, specifically during early ice, whenever finicky blue gills and crappie have actually an improved possiblity to see you standing over a hole. If you should be a lengthy pole fisherman, or are not used to the style, it is best to try it out! It adds a whole new aspect to your recreation of ice fishing that i do believe you will love.

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