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St. Croix Ice Fishing Rods

Hot Strategies For Ice Fishing

Hardwater Bass

Ice fishing for striper is sort of an economized version of its open-water counterpart. Virtually microscopic synthetic worms, small hair jigs and spoons, plus scaled-down “ice crankbaits”—each worked with uttermost finesse— mesmerize wintertime bass. You can’t think exactly how delicately bass often nip bitsy synthetic items that fit into a contact lens. It’s why whether you’re working a tiny tungsten jig and inch-long Wedgee synthetic or a 1/16-ounce Slender Spoon, suitable rod’s a big deal with hardwater bass.

St. Croix has actually lent the concept of a separate hold handle from the Mojo Bass open liquid rods and applied it to ice. Wise move, dudes. Susceptibility reigns supreme at St. Croix, and a Mojo Ice split hold ice rod recreations an exposed blank, ideal for pencil-gripping with an index little finger. Grab a set of fingerless gloves and go to work. A 32-inch method is merely suitable for tungsten jigs and synthetic, even though the 36-inch MIR36L—a lightweight jewel of a rod—is exemplary for working small hair jigs, spoons or downsized swimming lures like Custom Jigs & Spins RPM (kind of a secret bass appeal). Spool with 4- or 5-pound test micro braid, eg PowerPro Ice Tec, and you’ll be fishing many sensitive and painful, fine-tuned bass instrument on ice.

Icy Walleyes

Stained or turbid oceans offer some of the best opportunities to hoist a walleye through the ice. In such areas, a two-rod method is generally the greatest technique for stacking walleyes up like frozen cordwood. Devote one rod to an aggressive presentation, like a LIVETARGET Rattlebait, to-draw walleyes into the area. The St. Croix Mojo Ice MIRC34MH, paired with a low-profile casting reel, is a good option for working a rattlebait through water column. The Mojo Ice MIRC34MH has the energy and length that you’ll have to drive hooks into the bony jaw of a walleye or pike, without having the volume that would result in fatigue after on a daily basis of chasing after marble-eyes. Not every walleye that is attracted by the activity and appear the rattlebait will hit. But

you will definitely transform a lot of lookers into biters by providing a live bait through an adjacent hole. Suspend a lively shiner or big fathead minnow beneath a St. Croix Mojo Ice MIR28ML and watch your catch prices soar. The painful and sensitive tip for the Mojo Ice MIR28ML will telegraph every end flick associated with the real time bait, and pole size is perfect

for shelter-bound walleye anglers.

Deep-water Crappies

Once the weeds pass away off in smaller ponds, crappies are generally found and caught over main-lake basins. In big, deep ponds, they have a tendency in order to avoid the deepest places that will favor flats, humps and basins ranging from 20 to 40 foot deep. Crappies are notorious for suspending and may be located any place in the water column with regards to the problems. Electronics tend to be essential.

As soon as cold weather crappies are situated, spoons are superb selections for concentrating on energetic biters. A 1/16-oz CJS Slender Spoon produces an enticing flutter on fall and fishes a great distance from the opening – two qualities which will help entice nearby seafood into your sonar cone. Due to their bigger profile, tipping a spoon isn’t essential when crappies are aggressive, but take to a couple of spikes, one wax worm or a little minnow until such time you understand theirmood.

St. Croix’s 28” ML Power Mojo Ice Rod Model MIR28ML is the perfect crappie spoon rod. It affords maximum lure comments and strike detection with a multitude of spoon weights – even in deep-water – while delivering a satisfying amount of power from the hook set.

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