May: Smallmouth Bass on Lake

Strong Fishing Rods

Rod tip reduced - nice work, George. Photo: Cameron MillerAt Alaska western and BC western we come across plenty of huge seafood battled by our guests – we’re talking steelhead and king salmon right here. Occasionally our fishermen do a fantastic job fighting the top people. Various other times…not plenty.

Combat tough, battle smart, and obtain it over fast!

  1. Rod bent within tip. The tip of one's pole does not have countless energy. When your rod direction is large (i.e. you’re acting like you’re in a bass watercraft), you’re flexing the tip of the rod. The energy within rod is in the butt section. Keep your pole lower and pull back, maybe not up, in the handle – that may flex the butt of your pole and apply so much more pressure towards fish.
  2. Sluggish stroll downriver. Countless times huge seafood get way below you regarding the river. We have that. However, if you’re strolling downriver and casually reeling up slack while you go, you’re most likely losing more surface than you are gaining. Some expert anglers want to ‘stand their particular floor’ and actually perhaps not go, maintaining maximum strain on the fish. Other individuals would you like to pull more sideways regarding fish so they really move rapidly downriver to obtain a significantly better direction. That’s fine, but if you’re planning to move downriver, do it rapidly and reel aggressively as you go – usually you are going to drop ground.
  3. Pulling like a pansy. Huge seafood are strong. If you’re maybe not pulling difficult, they’re resting, and you’re just increasing the period of the fight, permitting longer for one thing to go incorrect. You should be spending so much time when you’re fighting a large fish – you should be breathing difficult as well as your arms should get exhausted! Kit we make use of for huge fish is powerful – you probably can’t break 15 pound Maxima along with your bare arms – so pull difficult and get it done.
  4. Sudden motions. Frequently during a battle with a big seafood you need to improve your rod position to pull from the other side. Do it effortlessly! Specially with two-handed rods, this activity is really pulling the fly laterally, and also you don’t want slack or abrupt jerks in the act. That’s a recipe for working the fly free.
  5. Rod tip too much. We such as the ‘down and dirty’ strategy with huge fish – in most circumstances right-up towards the end regarding the battle, your pole tip should really be when you look at the water. Yes, often you will need to lift up your pole to prevent an obstacle – that’s good. But otherwise, keep your rod reduced for maximum seafood fighting mojo.

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