Design your own Fishing rod

Steer clear of the dilemma of tangled rods with DIY pole sleeves for approximately 1/3 the cost of store bought.

Rod Tube Information

When you have multiple rod, you have experienced the tangles and often the destruction that occurs when the range on rods snags other rods, causing guides or rod suggestions to break. As well as the layer hanger-like snarls in rod boxes. Rods with range are uncontrollable.

No actual more. A few companies tend to be making pole tubes out-of a number of products. Many of them are difficult tubes…a little more problematic for storing and moving rods. Others are made of a nylon this is certainly sewn and possess a strap in the end to install to reels. Yet others make use of an existing material used in electronics concerning bundling wires.

Supplies for making pole sleeves.

Cutting pole sleeve material with a hot knife.

This material not merely is sensible, it is also available for the do-it -yourselfer. FLEXO animal (PT) from is employed in digital, automotive, marine, and professional for cable harnessing applications. Its braided building expands carefully and securely over rod guides, a lot like the childhood Chinese Handcuffs ... but additionally releases quickly. This material comes in various sizes and colors, so it can be utilized for casting and rotating reels and that can be color-coded by particular rod if desired. It is also fairly "hook friendly", that is, hooks are easily removed if snagged.

The material comes in rolls and is flat, yielding to insertion of a fishing rod. The scale for most spinning rods will be 1-1/2" and casting rods with smaller guides could be 1-1/4" or 1". The only various other product needed is a bit of temperature shrink tubing.

Producing Rod Sleeves

Fly fishing rod sleeve collar.

Curling the fly rod sleeve.

Heating the shrink tubing.

Finished fly rod sleeve.

Gauge the pole length from tip to simply over the reel, or in which lures are secured. Add an inch when it comes to orifice to fold back and make use of your hot knife to slice the product. Cutting this product is not hard for those who have a hot knife. If you don't, just take a vintage design Weller soldering weapon and lodge the end to an advantage and it'll work very well ... cutting because seals the frayed stops. As soon as you slice the sleeve, quickly open the ends to stop it from sealing the finishes regarding the cut.

If there isn't a hook keeper near the reel, you could give consideration to setting up one for sale in several types and brands from This will permit you to connect the bait close to the reel and not regarding the lowest guide, enabling you to make a sleeve that visits around 6 ins over the reel.

After cutting the PET braid, it's time to result in the orifice for the rod. I discovered dual folding the orifice end is most beneficial. Fold about an 1/4-inch and make use of a curling iron on TALL to mold a crease into spot. This could simply take sometime according to the temperature of the product. (do not let your lady get hers). No injury to the curling metal. After the 1/4 inch fold is complete, Fold once more about 1/2-inch and employ the curling iron to shape a crease into the sleeving again.

Moving forward to closing the end, use the end and roll it to suit 3/8-inch shrink tubing over the tip. Utilizing a lighter, heat the shrink tubing until it shrinks and keeps tight, in addition heating the end associated with sleeving it self.

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