Best two piece Fishing rod

I catch anything from 9" brook trout to 15 pound. bluefish to 40 pound. striped bass on both fly fishing rod and spinning tackle, and honestly I do not believe I would personally state any particular one surpasses one other except for the fact with 1 piece rods that you do not concern yourself with dropping your tip, OR that with multi-piece rods it is possible to cart all of them around quicker (and minimize the possibility of slamming the tip in a door or something like that.)

Nowadays the essential difference between both gets nearly too little to generally share. Some will believe a 1-piece is more sensitive, casts better, and is more powerful. Something for sure is that a 1-piece wouldn't split when casting or battling fish - a thing that happens significantly more than you would believe as a result of people perhaps not examining the connection in their two piece rods.

Having said that, most fly rods tend to be multi-sectional. Because they depend on their flex to fight seafood and their particular energy to cast line, maybe it's argued that having several parts is a non-issue. Modern ferrules and lines do a fantastic job protecting sensitivity.

I believe that just Lamiglas is making 1-piece surf casting rods larger than 10'. From just what my tackle store says, a modification of delivery prices managed to make it very costly to deliver anything longer. So everyone else is making two piece rods for such a thing more than 10'.

I've both one piece and two piece. We mostly fish a 1-piece only for the truth that We never have to bring them and I won't need to worry about the end flying down after a cast. BUT, if packing size plays any component in choice, I don't think twice to take a multi-piece pole.

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