East River Bicycle with Fishing Rod Attachment

Fishing rod Attachment

This application clgoals the main benefit of U.S. Provisional Patent Application Ser. No. 60/101, 732, filed on Sep. 24, 1998.


1. Field of this Innovation

The present creation applies generally speaking to sport fishing using rod and reel equipment, and more specifically to fishing gear having interchangeable handle components for selectively modifying the balance, grip, handle fat and size, and other traits of a fishing rod for different sorts of fishing and fish. The current interchangeable handle elements can be used with a universal pole blank, or various pole blanks can be offered, based upon the kind of fishing and seafood desired.

2. Description regarding the Related Art

The basic fly rod and reel have now been understood and employed by recreation fishermen for a considerable time period. As sport fishing is now much more advanced through the years, it's become evident to the discerning angler that some alterations of equipment are essential, so that you can optimize the ability to get various species of seafood under different problems. Including, certain types of seafood choose insects and so on resting on top of liquid, while others choose tiny pets (grubs, smaller fish, etc.) deeper into the water or in the bottom. Additionally, some fish tend to be more attracted to live, moving victim rather than lifeless bait.

Accordingly, different fishing designs and lures have-been developed over time, such as for instance fly fishing (for trout, etc.) in which a lightweight fly is cast a considerable length from angler and left to float upon the surface. A spinning appeal, which can be taken through liquid by trolling from a boat or by reeling into the cast lure, is much more popular with other forms of fish. Therefore, the discerning angler calls for different equipment (reels, lures, etc.), dependant on the sort of fish and problems where fishing is carried out.

It's led to the introduction of compatible reels for fishing rods, where a collar on the pole handle is threaded over an extended footwear of the reel, because of the other shoe being retained in a hard and fast plug regarding pole handle. Reels are efficiently interchanged making use of this popular system. But those things of this angler tend to be notably different based upon the kind of fishing being performed, body weight of lure, etc. consequently, the exchange of just one particular reel for another (casting for rotating, etc.) additionally calls for a somewhat different action, the traditional pole and rod handle remain exactly the same next exchange of reels.

Correctly, a need may be seen for interchangeable handle components for a fishing rod, aided by the various handle elements providing different and varying weights and feel, depending upon the type of fishing becoming done. Furthermore, the butt end regarding the handle may be adjustably weighted as desired so that you can offer the desired experience and balance, depending upon the type of fishing to be carried out.

According to today's creation, the rod blank of this set up is removably installable within a handle assembly, because of the pole empty stretching totally through the handle installation for superior energy and interlacing protection of this rod and handle components. The adjustably interchangeable weights on butt of handle are secured towards butt end for the fly rod disposed therein. Yet another an element of the current invention comprises way to preclude any axial rotation involving the rod handle while the rod blank, as soon as the two elements tend to be assembled collectively.

a conversation of this relevant art that the current inventor understands, and its distinctions and distinctions from current innovation, is offered under.

U.S. Pat. #3, 073, 055 granted on Jan. 15, 1963 to Charles N. Edwards et al., entitled "Handle For Selectively Usable Fishing Rods, " describes a fishing rod handle system having a plurality of axially put together elements. The components might assembled in different requests, aided by the component keeping the reel installable on butt end, or at some advanced point, across the handle set up. The butt end of the pole blank is guaranteed within a fitting to the forwardmost handle component, and does not extend entirely through the handle system, as in the current rod and handle assembly. Edwards et al. do not provide any way of positively securing the pole blank and manage assembly to preclude relative axial rotation of elements, as it is achieved aided by the current invention. More over, the assembly is fairly weak, because of the insufficient expansion for the pole through the complete handle.

U.S. Pat. # 3, 468, 052 granted on Sep. 23, 1969 to Benjamin T. Hardesty et al., called "Butt Extension For a fly rod, " defines a fly rod and handle with the handle including a telescoping rearward area for extending the handle and its particular leverage as desired. The handle expansion is an excellent element, without any interior passage the rod blank. Additionally, as a result of telescoping activity for the butt end for the handle, the pole blank cannot increase entirely therethrough, given that pole would need to extend and retract through the forward percentage of the handle because the rearward expansion had been correspondingly retracted and extended. Also, Hardesty et al. cannot reveal any means of securing the rod blank with their handle to preclude any general axial rotation.

U.S. Pat. No. 3, 975, 855 granted on Aug. 24, 1976 to James E. McKeown, entitled "Telescopic Spin/Fly mix Fishing Rod, " describes a fishing rod having a relatively larger diameter section which will be removably installable in a handle portion. The rest regarding the rod comprises a few telescoping sections that are retractable into the larger diameter portion of the pole. The handle are axially positioned as desired along the bigger diameter part of the rod, dependant on the kind of fishing to-be accomplished. However, McKeown cannot offer any means for adjusting the balance of their rod set up through counterweights, nor of definitely locking the handle and rod portions to preclude general axial rotation.

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