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Fishing rod Holdalls

We firmly think that our fishing tackle can last regarding the lender if you do, but that is just true invest the proper care of it. Care for your fishing gear properly and it will look after you, get after catch. Chosen with type and purpose in your mind, we, at Angling Direct, have actually directly assembled our angling baggage range and have given our press to each and every final item, across the board. Having an enormous case that accommodates every thing might be an anglers dream, but, in reality, this might be completely not practical – both to bring right down to the financial institution and use when you’ve struggled it down here. We believe the right baggage can play a pivotal role in just about any angler’s successes and it has the possibility change your own time at the bank. Get to design with comfortable and convenient carry cases to obtain your fishing down from the correct base, every time. Therefore, whether you’re trying to carry a handful of add-ons or an enormous toolbox of world-class fishing gear, we’ve got the baggage to suit your needs. We only ever stock items from the industry’s many reputable producers where high quality and affordable come as standard. Our range is extensive, therefore we believed we’d provide a quick overview of the types of luggage we stock and their primary uses.

Rod Holdalls

Rod holdalls are relatively self-explanatory and give you the option of carrying many fully comprised rods (usually three or maybe more, though it does vary item by-product), plus some unmade rods. Many may also give you the alternative of holding your buzzbars or pole help system, your landing net handle and head, and a selection of other tackle items. Rod holdalls are usually fairly heavily cushioned plus they are a great storage answer when it comes to angler having plenty of gear. They’ll additionally ordinarily have numerous manages and straps – including two smaller handles for simple in-car manoeuvrability and a longer shoulder-strap. Ideally, k you'd most likely make use of a rod holdall together with a barrow on an extended angling session, although their shoulder-strap means that barrow-less transportation between boot and lender is more than feasible. These holdalls are favourite by those in the carp fishing community just who like to be prepared when going to the bank and just who will carry several or two rods together. You will find rod holdalls in many sizes and in most cases they are going to specify just what period of pole they could hold. In terms of price, for a high quality product that can take more than six rods, reels, and an enormous variety of various other bankside basics, you will be taking a look at parting with £100 or even more. As little as £30 will get you a far more fundamental ensemble, minus the extra pockets, that will be designed to hold your three main carp rods fully made-up.

Rod Sleeves

Rod sleeves are basically a paired down type of a pole holdall. Usually with reduced padding, a rod sleeve is commonly in a position to hold a maximum of one totally made-up rod. They're perfect for the angler which loves to travel light to your bank but which nevertheless wants to ensure that their rods are totally shielded. Yet again, you’ll find that rod sleeves will specify what size fishing rod these are typically made to hold, in addition to whether or not they can accommodate a bit pit reel. Generally, rod sleeves tend to be less expensive than holdalls and prices can begin from as little as £10. For a rod sleeve with some additional padding and ability – put simply, one that bridges the space between a sleeve and a holdall – you could find yourself parting with nearer £50.

Rod Quivers

a pole quiver is practically a mixture between a rod holdall and a pole sleeve. They tend having a primary area designed for carrying banksticks, landing web handles and minds, and maybe even a shelter or bivvy. However, in which they differ from both pole holdalls and sleeves is the level of padding they provide into rod. Quivers generally have long pockets when it comes to base in addition to tip for the rod, leaving the main human anatomy regarding the pole subjected. Typically, anglers uses tip and butt protectors together with a rod quiver, to offer the delicate finishes of the tackle a little extra protection – although you may also purchase quivers that are designed for use with rod sleeves. Quivers will often specify just how many rods they can hold, along with the duration of rod they can accommodate, and begin at £20.


Rucksacks are another important little bit of baggage which many fishermen will have, despite their particular discipline. These are generally perfect for overnight sessions when you want to take a change of clothing, a collection of cooking utensils, alongside products down seriously to the bank to you. Many rucksacks we stock will have a passionate compartment (or two) for bait storage and tackle package storage. Rucksacks are specifically of use simply because they allow you to transport a lot of gear whilst keep your automatically. Roving fishermen and stalking anglers have a tendency to use the in most of the gear, whereas a long session carp angler might use a rucksack along with a barrow so that you can limit the amount of trips they have to make between boot and bank. Our angling rucksacks start at £20 but for a multi-compartmental roving rucksack that will easily keep the majority of gear after that you’ll be looking at spending to £100.


Comparable to rucksacks, carryalls are used mainly when it comes to transport of cooking equipment, clothing, along with other items. They're also utilized for the transportation of rig storage space systems, cool bags, tackle pockets, along with other smaller luggage things. Unlike rucksacks, carryalls offer either single shoulder or portable transport. This makes all of them top among lengthy program anglers who wish to hold a huge amount of equipment. Also they are favoured among hyper-organised anglers whom want to know precisely where their particular gear is, as carryalls lend on their own towards housing plenty of smaller baggage items. For a trout case, that is smaller compared to a traditional carry-all and utilized in fly-fishing, you will be evaluating investing around £20. For anywhere up to £100 you may be headed towards lender with a large and durable carryall that will see you through sleep of your carp fishing job.

Bait Bags and Cool Bags

In the wonderful world of angling, cool bags aren’t utilized for keeping loaded lunches and beers refrigerated. Instead, they're mostly useful for the storage of baits, in order to keep frozen boilies and other baits as fresh as you are able to as long as possible – even though this is not to express you won’t get a hold of a packet of bacon kept in there aswell ready for the next day’s break fast. You’ll also find that we a range of bait bags which can be made for usage with potted glugs and additives. These will feature specifically created portions and can frequently come with their containers – allowing you to ready your pop-ups or hookbaits with glug if your wanting to also leave the lender. You may find that rucksack or carryall you possess will currently come with a specially designed ‘cool bag’ area. We in addition stock a range of fabric ‘bait buckets’. They are ideal for the angler whom loves to take many gear, because their flexibility helps to ensure that you don’t’ must sacrifice any boot space for groundbait mixing bowls. Our biggest bait and cool bags may be found in at £50 and they are ideal for long sessions when you wish to help keep an important quantity of bait fresh for an excessive period of time. For smaller bait bowls and cool bags for shorter sessions, our rates start from as little as £5.

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