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Fishing rod tip Lights

Each package contains::
One (1) Mk4 LED Rod Idea Light packaged with electric batteries and able to use. Take note that battery pack life differs with heat, but it is about 200 to 500 hours. When needed, replace electric battery with 2 x 76A Alkaline battery pack that are available at your local drugstore. Two (2) supports that fit numerous pole tip diameters. The mount will be mounted on your fly fishing rod tip in purchase to hold the Mk4 rod tip light. Directions: Attach one of many supports to your fly fishing rod with electrical tape or thread (wrap like a guide) and fall the Mk4 Rod Suggestion Light to the mount. Once mounted these rod tip lights are really easy to use: Turn stem clockwise as well as the Light-emitting Diode LIGHT IS in then turn 90 levels counterclockwise and LED LIGHT IS OFF. You're willing to night seafood and determine the bite!

"Green Dot"

Green LED Rod Idea Light

"Blue Dot"

Blue LED Rod Idea Light

"Red Dot"

Red LED Rod Suggestion Light

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