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Fishing rod New Leaf

You began playing Animal Crossing: brand new Leaf a few weeks ago, and one as easy as finding a number of the primary resources has actually you puzzled.

How will you fish without a fly rod, look for fossils without a shovel, liquid your plants without a watering can, catch a bug without an internet, or reduce a tree without an axe? Also, you can now swim so long as you possess the wet fit, or phone the villagers if you have the megaphone. But where do you realy have it? How? Don't worry, discover in which / how you can get a hold of all of those vital things, including the unique silver and fantastic updates:

Fishing Rod

Merely check-out Timmy & Tommy's shop (it begins because the Nookling Junction) in order to find the item available. It isn't here everyday but nearly!

  • Utilize: toss the line to the seafood by pushing A. The bait must be dealing with the seafood in order for it to notice and nibble.
  • Gold fly fishing rod: Keep donating specimens of any kind into Museum and in the end there'll be a development. If it is completed, the silver fly rod would be obtainable on / off during the second-floor. It really is easier to fish with-it.
  • Golden fly fishing rod: finish the fish collection and amuse encyclopedia to processor chip at the Fishing Tourney. This 1 tends to make fishing also simpler!


This 1 additionally becomes offered at the Nookling Junction, however it usually takes a couple of days to see it here.

  • Utilize: Press the to get a bug fluttering prior to you. Often it really is trickier than that when they are on a tree, flower, on a lawn, and even under a rock. If you contain the A button, you'll slip to them then launch the button to catch them in a swift move.
  • Gold Net: hold donating specimens of any sort on Museum and in the end there'll be an expansion. When it's completed, the silver internet will undoubtedly be for sale off and on in the second-floor. It's easier to capture bugs with-it.
  • Golden web: finish the bug collection and amuse encyclopedia to Nat in the Bugg-Off Tourney. This 1 makes getting pests even easier!


In addition available often during the Nookling Junction.

  • Utilize: seek out star-shaped splits on the ground and dig with the a button. You will find either a fossil (to donate to the museum or offer) or a gyroid (compile all of them or sell them). You may even discover a pitfall seed, which will have made you fall had you perhaps not dug it out and stepped upon it alternatively. You can also use the shovel hitting rocks, that may make pests turn out, expose precious ore (gold, silver, amethist...) or coins and money bags (if there is one, there's even more - continue whacking the stone!). Also, it is possible to dig holes and plant blossoms or woods.
  • Gold Shovel: Keep donating specimens of any sort to the Museum and finally there'll be a development. When it's finished, the silver shovel is obtainable on / off at the second-floor. You're more likely to find cash whenever you hit rocks along with it.
  • Golden Shovel: you need to purchase 50 fertilizer bags at farming shop to have it as an incentive. Along with it, you can plant cash trees! This shop is not unlocked until you've done 30 good gardening deeds in the city such sowing woods, watering plants, pulling weeds, and such.

Watering Can

It took myself a bit to have that one. I just must go right to the Town Hall and examine all Isabelle's advice! Nice girl, she gave me the watering can as an incentive. Definitely, its during the store eventually too, but I was getting impatient.

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