Flounder Fishing Rods

Jake Markris of Fairhope, Alabama, is a die-hard flounder fisherman. He utilizes light tackle and primarily 1/4-ounce jigs, along with his niche is working sandbar drop-offs and small, inshore ledges that lots of fishermen neglect. "Flounder relate to the slightest drop-off, often only six or eight ins, and a one- or two-foot ledge is an actual seafood magnet, " he describes. "i personally use a boat to access prime fishing areas, but we find that wading is normally the best way to approach flounder in shallow water. Wading does not spook the seafood, and you will make use of your legs to feel the little drop-offs that often hold fish." Jake fan-casts to these drop-off places, probing the bottom with jigs. Casts made parallel to the ledge are often most productive since the appeal is held when you look at the hit zone through the entire entire retrieve. Jake in addition points out that ledges are best fished as soon as the existing is moving from shallow to deep. In this scenario, flounder frequently gather regarding the deep region of the ledge, looking forward to bait become swept from the superficial flats.

Follow That Flounder

Guide Greg areas of Atlantic Beach, Florida, first learned all about "flounder paths" while wading the low dirt and sand flats at reasonable tide looking for live bait. He realized that the bays which held the essential bait when the tide dropped additionally had a large number of flounder outlines - or tracks - into the base. Whilst the tide receded, flounder that had been lying hidden in the base pulled aside, making themselves imprints, which provided areas advisable of where you can try to find all of them once the tide came back in. "I've situated numerous hot spots while walking mud bars at reasonable tide, " he describes. "A flounder track sticks out remarkably really, and it is a sure indication your place keeps fish once the water is high."

Flicker Trick

The "flicker rig" is merely a modified version of the standard fish-finder rig, which many flounder fishermen utilize for working live baits. It really is particularly popular with new york flounder fishermen, including Captain Booger Harris of Pantego. Like standard fish-finder, this rig starts with the fishing line running right through an egg, round or level sinker, which can be then tied to a barrel swivel. After that, a two-foot section of mono that is less heavy compared to main range is linked with the exact opposite end associated with the barrel swivel. Approximately one-foot from frontrunner end, a bright-colored foam or cork float is positioned. Some floats have actually synthetic "stoppers" at their particular ends for certain positioning, and yellow or purple floats are chosen. Several small, purple, plastic beads are threaded onto the leader, followed by a small, chrome or brass spinnerblade. Many fishermen prefer Colorado blades because they produce a lot of flounder-attracting vibration, but willow-leaf or Indiana blades can be utilized too.

A clevis can be utilized facilitate the rotating activity regarding the knife. Lastly, thread a couple of more synthetic beads on the leader and tie on the right hook, such a 1/0 Kahle. The float keeps the bait from the bottom, in which it's more susceptible and simply seen by fish. Additionally, the float's brilliant shade acts to attractflounder, as does the spinnerblade. The beads allow the spinnerblade to turn freely regarding fishing line without binding resistant to the hook, cork or tangling within the range.

Bring 'Em to the Boat

"About half the flounder we get tend to be taken under a rod length from my motorboat, " guide Bo Hamilton, of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, claims. "Flounder usually don't just take a bait or appeal immediately, but follow it throughout the retrieve. Whenever flounder do this, they usually settle towards the base, appropriate in vessel. For that reason, it's a good idea to sporadically work a jig or bait right under the skiff. It's amazing just how many flounder are caught because of this. Sometimes it requires several attempts, however if there is a flounder down indeed there, it may be built to hit by repeatedly falling a jig or natural bait in front of it."

Up a Creek

Relating to guide Mark Noble of Brunswick, Georgia, the variety creeks that feed into bays, bayous, streams, noises as well as the Intracoastal Waterway provide prime, largely untapped flounder action."

Chasing creek flounder is classic 'spot' angling, and thus a particular place will most likely produce several fish promptly, " says Mark. "Falling tides are normally well, and virtually any creek run-out can hold seafood. A run-outs tend to be situated near deep creek bends. Usually, a creek fold which has a few run-outs pouring in from various guidelines will hold a really large numbers of flounder. "easily hook a fish or two, I'll regularly relieve over a lightweight anchor or nostrils the skiff to the marsh before the location is wholly and thoroughly worked. But we never fish a place a long time. I prefer to help keep moving during falling wave. The key to success is within the liquid quickly, quietly and effortlessly.

Knowing the place

A significant key to effective flounder fishing is familiarity with the region, relating to top inshore angler Kim Norton, a Mississippi native just who today works as a tackle customer for Cabela's. "whenever I first started flounder fishing, we selected someplace inside an inlet in which I understood various other fishermen consistently caught flounder, " Kim recalls. "I was determined to learn a half-mile area of that inlet shoreline much better than anyone else. Over time, I discovered every foot from it. By fishing jigs and bottom-bumping baits, and also by examining the area repeatedly with a really sensitive and painful depthsounder, I got to realize liquid in just a season of fishing.

"a lot of fishermen depend exclusively to their depthsounder to show them the area of rocks and drop-offs where flounder might hold. But by slowly fishing jigs and/or live bait on a standard fish-finder rig, you learn a lot more about the bottom. This is especially valid when using low-stretch braided range. With knowledge, you'll be able to feel if the bottom consist of mud, sand, oyster-shell or stone. This will help you find the best flounder-holding locations. "it is critical to realize that flounder tend to be an ambush-type fish. They hold near structure, and when you will find framework by experiencing it with bottom-bumping lures and bait rigs, you'll find out the best place to concentrate your fishing attempts - and put more fish in the ship as a result."

Most Useful Baits

Really serious flounder benefits such as for example guide Mark Dushane of Summerville, sc, say that live baitfish tend to be numero uno for flatfish. Almost any sort of small baitfish is going to work, but flounder could be selective, and also you can't say for sure whatever they'll be wanting before you start fishing. As a result, Mark prefers to catch his very own baitfish at reduced wave from sodium creeks and marshes. He'll use a multitude of baitfish, including mullet, menhaden, croakers, area and mud minnows (killifish). Shrimp work for flounder, also, based on Mark, but simply take a back seat to minnows. Huge baits (three to four ins long), that are perfect for big flounder, tend to be hooked through the mouth, smaller baits through the eyes. The bait is cast towards edges of jetties, pilings, bulkheads as well as other framework before being retrieved ever so gradually. With regards to artificial baits, Mark likes white, pink, smoke, gold and yellowish grub-tailed jigs, specifically curly-tail models. Often tipping a grub jig with some normal bait will tempt a reluctant flounder into striking. Strip baits created from little mullet or other baitfish can be extremely good on jigs, too.

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