Homemade Fishing rod

Any on the road fisherman knows that carrying your equipment is already frustrating-even without a 7-foot rod poking you in the rear of your head for the entire journey. The easiest answer is apparently not to ever bring your pole. You convince your self that pond is likely to be dried out, together with seafood are likely gone this time of year. You get to your local area, and truth be told there it's: an attractive, deep lake that you just know is filled on top with fish. What exactly do you do? Obviously you drive as fast as yo are able towards the local Walmart and get a rod. The situation with this specific is even most affordable pole is pretty expensive, therefore know at the back of your face that you will be only probably have to keep it indeed there when you leave. So why also bother? I asked myself the exact same question, and created a design for a cheap, easy to make transportible pole. Ideal for the recreational fisherman.

Materials: Two pant hangers with removable cardboard pipe, Duct tape (absolutely essential for just about any task), an unsharpened pen, and fishing line (any amount which you genuinely believe that you want; this design is decent, but it is nevertheless homade, meaning less is much more.)

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