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After the lengthy cut-scene, you certainly will get control over Link simply beyond their residence. Travel northward to achieve the woods after which run ahead to find the Ordon Spring. Here you'll experience Illia, together with your horse, Epona. After chit-chatting with Ilia, mount together with Epona and ride this lady back to Link’s household. Manage southward to enter Ordon Village.

Progress at this stage
Complete Life
Heart Components /45
Golden Bugs 0/24
Poe Souls 0/60
Stamps 0/50
Brand new within part
Characters: Stores:

You can easily talk to a few of the residents if you’d like to become acquainted with the characters in addition to village. Thoughts is broken ready, drive to the south end of this village and go into the Ordon Ranch.

Speak with Fado in which he will ask if connect will herd the goats to the barn. Drive round the farm with Epona, as soon as you will be near a goat, hit A to whoop. This may cause the goat to run away from you. Move around with Epona to make sure you move the goats when you look at the proper path towards barn. You can find 10 goats in total. This mini-game serves as a tutorial to get you used to managing Epona.

After every one of the goats have now been herded, ride Epona and hit a to get rate and jump across fences, leading back again to Ordon Village. You're going to be prompted to save your game, therefore go on and do so.

Characters: Things:

Connect will appear back inside his household, with some of the young ones of Ordon shouting at him to obtain up. Exit your house and communicate with the children to listen to that a Slingshot happens to be offered by Sera’s Sundries, a shop into the town. Standing close to Epona is Colin, who is Rusl’s child. He mentions that they have a Fishing Rod for you, but you'll want to visit with Rusl initially to get it. Travel southward to enter Ordon Village once again.

Run ahead to your lake and you’ll see Uli, Rusl’s wife. She's slightly upset right now because she's got lost the woman cradle, and this stops the lady from providing you the fly fishing rod.

Reverse around and operate towards Link’s home. You will notice a person on a higher ledge that phone calls up to you. Climb up-and talk to him if you’d like in which he mentions a nearby cat whom looks like he’s wanting to fish. This man is Jaggle, who is the daddy of Malo and Talo. He in addition mentions the nearby lawn, which Link can select and make use of to summon hawks.

leap up to the following system then on to the roofing of nearby building. From right here jump across two even more ledges and you’ll discover a blue rupee. Grab the hawk lawn and blow about it to summon a hawk. In the event that you try looking in the length up the stream you will see a monkey jumping around holding the infant cradle that has gone lacking. Aim on monkey and release the hawk, who will travel more than and snag the cradle.

Using cradle in hand, leap right back over the ledges and go back to Uli. She's glad which you found the cradle and certainly will ask you to follow the woman to the woman house. Run-on over and she will supply you with the fly fishing rod.

Set you back the east end of Ordon Village, for which you saw the cat staring into the liquid. Stand-on the ledge and grab the fly fishing rod. Toss it into the water and you’ll see some fish cycling around. When the stick on the rod turns vertically and sinks to the liquid, pull on the Fishing Rod to reel in a fish. The cat will snag the fish and will carry it for the village, back again to a shop.

Stick to the pet and enter the building it ran into and you’ll experience Sera. She is happy that her cat brought a fish in and she'll present a bottle which half-filled with milk. Even though the milk will restore your time, the actual reward here is the bare bottle, which is often full of selection of treats throughout Link’s quest. Since she actually is pleased, she will offer connect a Slingshot, but Link will very first need certainly to acquire 30 rupees.

There are a small number of methods connect could possibly get rupees, but this is actually the best way to achieve this: Return to the greater ledge for which you met Jaggle, who taught you how to summon hawks with the hawk lawn. Jump to the 2nd ledge and employ the grass to summon a hawk. In the event that you look to the west end of village, there is certainly a long vine with a beehive at the top of it. Aim the hawk during the beehive and it'll nail it, causing it ahead tumbling down. Go beyond and climb up the vines. Very carefully walk over the thin branches to gather a blue and yellow rupee.

After that, run-over to in which Mayer Bo is, in the south end of village. Close to the mayor, you will find a cucco walking around. Lift within the cucco and carry it close to the vines where in fact the beehive was found. Walk-up on greater ledge and appearance southward and you’ll see some pumpkins being enclosed by a fence. Jump off the ledge because of the cucco and use it to fly more than and get to one other region of the fence.

You can throw the pumpkins to have some rupees, then again run around and rise the wooden crates. Here, climb up the lengthy ladder to achieve the top of the home where you will see another yellow rupee. After that, pickup the hawk lawn and summon a hawk. Toss it on cucco that is right behind the building which you climbed up. The hawk will snag the cucco and carry it to connect. Now utilize the cucco to fly up to the south end associated with village in the greater ledge where there's another yellow rupee.

You should have more than enough rupees at this stage, therefore go back to Sera’s Sundries and purchase the Slingshot for 30 rupees.

Characters: Enemies: Things: Locations:

Come back to Link’s house additionally the kids will undoubtedly be ecstatic which you have acquired the Slingshot. You can easily talk to all of them and they’ll setup a training place for you yourself to practice with the Slingshot. You can easily target the scarecrows, and hit all of the objectives which are hanging around the trees. it is rather humorous to see all children interact with each other.

Rusl has actually remaining something special for connect inside of his house, but there is an enemy preventing Link’s path. The initial opponent encounter of the online game comes in the type of a Walltula. This spider-like enemy is see regarding ladder resulting in Link’s house. Nail it with the slingshot and rise around go into the household.

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