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Fenwicks Carbon Veil tech is the key aspect of the HMG rods(carried on)

Field examinations: From our initial assessment and diagnostic tests we surmised which our Fenwick HMG GT66M will make a fantastic crankbait stick. It offers suitable attributes to effectively operate a variety of hardbaits therefore the 66 size allows you to achieve managed casts with precise positioning. We proceeded to load up the HMG with a number of Daiwa and Quantum reels and head out to the California Delta and two local lakes to target largemouth bass for all of our tests.

Casting crankbaits using HMG GT66M is smooth and accurate

Casting: Our crankbait arsenal included Luhr Jensen Speed Trap in 1/4 ounce, River2Sea American V-Crank in 1/2 ounce, and Norman Deep minimal N in 3/8 ounce, and we tossed in a 1/4 ounce spinnerbait to advance our tests. Paired with our Fenwick pole in the initial tests ended up being the Quantum Accurist 2 casting reel spooled with 12 lb Sufix Elite. Rigged and ready we headed out to the fishing grounds not before conducting a couple tests in the casting abilities for the GT66M. From the backswing of an overhead cast the pole arcs nicely making a spring-like activity to project crankbaits. On a calm day with barely any wind we were able to cast nearly 100 feet with any of the crankbaits mentioned above.

Bringing the Fenwick HMG into the field and casting at targets, I was able to cast accurately each and every time, placing my baits between dock columns, tules, and other structures, enabling me to fish my lure in key target zones to entice strikes. The HMG graphite blank tends to make no utilization of fiberglass yet it still has the characteristics of a forgivable cranking stay with the advantage of more controllable casts.

Fenwick's exclusive soft-touch reel chair has actually a lengthier trigger support which makes it perfect for people who enjoy palming the reel whenever fishing

Sensitivity: due to the created qualities, the Fenwick GT66M is sensitive and painful sufficient for working crankbaits along with other going lures, but not really our very first choice for finesse plastic applications. The Fenwick HMG GT66M transmits the vibration of a crankbait towards fingers, and sets from each bump and bounce into framework to every attack by an aggressive seafood is experienced when using this stick.

Energy: With a moderate power rating, we didnt expect to find a way and horse in my catch like i would with a weightier rated rod. Despite this fact, the HMG rod displayed good power and I also was effortlessly capable manage lots of the black bass that we caught during our examinations. The actual test arrived whenever I hooked into a feisty six-pounder that struck like a freight train! No horsing right here, actually all i possibly could do had been gradually switch the fishs mind when required, nevertheless the essential point listed here is that I happened to be able to do this and still maintain control of even this heavy and hard fighting seafood. Ultimately, the struggle was nonetheless obtained aided by the HMG. The GT66M method powered rod gets the perfect energy for each day anglers throwing cranks, however, if youre fishing for larger prey like Muskie then chances are you should choose for a heavier ranked pole.

The rod under load

Durability: although the pole thought slightly under powered when battling an important sized seafood, we never ever thought the pole would snap-on myself. It did arc nicely utilizing the six-pound black bass, but like We stated, I became nonetheless able to manage the girl. Perhaps not when during the industry test did the rod feel near breaking point thanks to the Carbon Veil Technology utilized for the HMG blank. The HMG blank is pure graphite but has got the experience and durability of a graphite-fiberglass composite rod, which once more, tends to make this rod a pleasure to catch also deep running crankbaits.

With regards to elements, we experienced no issues. The soft-touch coated reel seat didnt wear down after months of field testing, but remained skeptical as to what several years of heavy usage may expose. The guides from the rod are marvelous. These are typically Berkleys SS304 stainless steel guide structures with titanium coated inserts. The inserts are very well mated with all the frame and won't pop out as simple as some competition choices. These guides are a great design and were today witnessing various other manufacturers utilizing these elements in their builds.

Browse the Berkley SS304 tip guide. These guide inserts are designed whilst not to ever inadvertently pop aside even under duress

Ergonomics: The pole weighs in at a light 4.2 ounces and felt quite balanced at the hands. Fenwicks unique soft-touch coated reel chair was comfortable and offers an excellent grip even when wet. Also, as we mentioned earlier, i enjoy the extended seat particularly when palming the reel because really helped to aid my hands an added bonus when fighting a fish or ripping jerkbaits.

Fenwick's HMG GT66M tends to make a fantastic cranking stick, since these two Delta bass found firsthand

Application: although the Fenwick HMG GT66M may be used for virtually any bass fishing method, it excels at working crankbaits and spinnerbaits. It offers just the right qualities of a cranking stick, very nearly feeling like a fiberglass pole but still less heavy and more sensitive and painful than cup.

Zander's Take: Its been quite a while since we now have reviewed a Fenwick offering, and after fishing with this specific pole...probably too-long. The business features a great deal to offer anglers, and with all the present competitors from overseas pole businesses i do believe we must just take one step as well as again simply take a significant examine exactly what Fenwick is offering. The HMG is a excellent main-stream pole, the one that provides on its promises, and unlike so many rods out there today, don't break the bank your can purchase. The best thing about this item may be the soft forgiving have the rod exhibits whenever jerking Pointers. The rod makes it easy to produce immediate comments to slack outlines, as soon as seafood hit the lures they remain on as the pole actually so stiff it rips the lures out of their mouths prematurely. In general a good pole, the one that certainly deserves consideration by anglers looking for a cranking stick at 100 buck price point. Possibly additionally is this pole is readily available at significant sports superstores like Sports Authority and Oshmans, in which fishermen usually takes features of seasonal sales to pocket this rod even for less.

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