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Backpacking Fishing Rod and reel

The best trout fishing i have ever had ended up being on backpacking trips. I had times in which I caught and released more than 100 trout in time, having hooked one on virtually every cast. I have had trips where we caught numerous 22-inch-plus cutthroat trout from shoreline on light tackle to cook through to the campfire. One week-end we swore to my team I wouldn't consume a thing i did not find along the trail, along with a tremendously decent dinner of trout and crazy chanterelles for supper. And perhaps the greatest yet ended up being a 6-pound bull trout caught in a ravine from the trail in a fishing opening not much larger than a bathtub. The ability for experiences like this implies I hardly ever set-off on a backpacking journey without a fishing pole.

Just like your whole backpack though, every ounce issues. So whether you're just trying to kill time into the afternoon, or attempting to feed a group of individuals, it's important to choose a rod that finish off and it fishes.

Few Parts

This is likely the most important. The greater pieces your rod reduces into, the easier it will be to bring and travel with. The one thing more discouraging than having your over-sized fishing pole strapped into the outside of your pack and snagging on every tree branch you go under is snagging your rod on a branch and achieving it snap in 2.

Many rods are generally some pieces. If you do not would you like to carry your rod within hand the whole time (that you simply cannot), one piece is virtually unthinkable. Two pieces are a viable choice; but you'll likely need certainly to select a shorter rod size so that the two halves fit nicely to your pack without expanding beyond the top it.

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