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Today’s post is written by a pal and fellow writer, Jason Klass. I’m sure you all understand Jason as the classic ultralight gear hacker, MYOG guru, and writer of the hugely popular Gear Talk web log, but did you know he's also a professional fly fishing instructor? So when i desired to know more about Tenkara I considered Jason, which graciously consented to write this superb visitor post – enjoy!

Backpacking and fly fishing get collectively like peanut butter and jelly. Walking deep into the backcountry usually places you in the center of a few of the most pristine streams, ponds, and beaver ponds unrivaled by everything you’ll discover near a road. Along with the luxury of a few days or higher on your side, never to benefit from these magical fishing possibilities will be a crime. But taking a rod, reel, and fishing vest saturated in fly cardboard boxes along with other equipment can definitely add weight (and bulk) to your pack. just what exactly is a backpacking angler to complete? Try Tenkara fly fishing!

Understanding Tenkara?

To put it simply, Tenkara is a technique of fly-fishing that makes use of very long (11- 15 ft.), telescopic rods, a hard and fast line, no reel. That’s right, no reel! The range is tied straight to the end for the pole. Seem like dapping or cane pole fishing? it is perhaps not. You cast a Tenkara rod much like the means you cast a Western fly fishing rod (it’s a “real” fly-fishing cast—not dapping). And just like Western fly fishing, you have got a tippet and fly attached to the end of one's range. By all reports, it's “real” fly fishing and even though there is absolutely no “reel”.

Tenkara originated in Japan and originated for fishing for small-stream trout fishing. Since it’s recent surge in popularity within the West by way of Tenkara USA founder Daniel Galhardo, many people were pushing the boundaries, landing bigger and larger fish as well as using Tenkara for lake fishing. I’ve even been aware of some body landing a bonefish on a Tenkara rod! You’re probably quite not likely to encounter a bonefish in your after that backpacking travel, so let’s stick to the tiny streams and catch which Tenkara was intended.

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