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Telescopic fishing rods, additionally understand as telescoping or collapsible fishing rods, tend to be extremely packable and transportable fishing rods available on the market. Telescopic rods include several parts of graphite or fiberglass, each progressively tapered, which can nest inside each other. This building strategy permits considerably longer rods to-be quickly disassembled and stored in a tremendously little room.

While telescopic fishing rods make the award for storage and convenience, they are doing endure a few disadvantages due to their building. I will be detailing the professionals and disadvantages of telescopic fishing rods, what to choose when buying one, and suggesting a few of my preferences that I tested on the liquid, including the one which easily blows away your competition!

Advantageous assets to Telescopic Fishing Rods

As noted before, telescopic fishing rods would be the most useful of the greatest if you're finding a fly fishing rod which shops in only a small amount area as possible.

  • When collapsed, they fit very nearly everywhere. Whether you're like me and can't go walking or backpacking without a fishing pole, or just like to keep one in seat of automobile to cast a range in a random pond quietly of roadway, nothing will store better than a telescopic pole.
  • They have been perfect for airline travel. No need to check always luggage; telescopic fishing rods will easily fit in a carry-on bag.
  • Great for general public transport. Unless you feel like being the guy on the coach poking one other coach cyclists at the back of the top, problem solved.
  • They are durable when collapsed. Since the slimmer chapters of the pole are stored within the thicker chapters of the rod, they truly are naturally safeguarded when all packed up. With traditional rods, additional treatment is needed to ensure the thinnest sections of the rod aren't damaged during packaging or storage.
  • Lengthy rods can be loaded into an incredibly small-size. For example, some bream and crappie rods can telescope out from one foot up to 20 feet!


In order to achieve their ultra-small packed size, telescopic fishing rods have some disadvantages which needs to be considered against their particular advantages.

  • Limited range of readily available activities. Since all rod areas must fit within one another, telescopic rods tend to be notably restricted in the selection of pole activities they could enable. You should have a hard time finding a fast or ultra-fast action telescoping rod. Most rods will speed between sluggish and modest actions. This is simply not a poor thing always; it simply suggests you will have a far more full bend into the rod, and a little less pole backbone. If you are seeking extremely fasting acting travel rod with a lot of anchor, start thinking about four-piece rods instead.
  • Restricted selection. You can find very little great telescopic rod producers available to you, and in reality there are a great number of really poorly built telescoping fishing rods on the market. When I worked at a fishing outfitter, we constantly had folks asking for the best telescoping rods we transported, and honestly, we did not have numerous options. Discover certain some need, but rod producers have not stepped-up a lot however. This really is most likely due to the previous point. Many rod producers are hectic trying to make many leading edge ultra-premium brand-new rods with all the latest products, which simply isn't possible with telescopic rod building. With that said, you will find undoubtedly several great ones available to you.
  • Telescoping rods could possibly get trapped in "out" position. If you should be maybe not cautious whenever extending the pole and over increase among the junctions between components, they are able to get caught like that. This can occur less difficult if you get sand or grit stuck in the middle rod sections. Be very careful when wanting to collapse an over-extended area.

What things to Look for in a Telescopic fly fishing rod

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