6 Options for Transporting

Transporting Fishing Rods

Fishing rod storage/transport A Few Ideas.

So after numerous fishing trips and several damaged rod recommendations.
What have individuals done so far as holders or ways to secure thier fishing equipment away from harms means?

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The PVC pipeline means is just about the most affordable path to take. Simply install a threaded plug on both stops so you can get rods/reels both in techniques. If however you have break-down poles you may not need a 8 ft. piece of pipe.

completely a bro


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Any pictures of every "set ups" ? Everyone can make a pvc "rod situation" i am keen on exactly how and where its installed.
Also whenever I continue trips, it's my job to just take a few rod/reel combos, a big cooler, my gear case. Maybe somebody made a custom rack they could share?

Go here out... When you yourself have reels mounted just make use of something like 4 inch PVC (or whatever dimensions you need for your reel to match within the pipeline ) as opposed to the smaller diameter that this guy utilizes. Like that it's not necessary to make the reels off.

thanks a lot shepherd. I ask men and women consistently upload the way they store their particular fishing gear with pictures.

Since i have actually a primary gen 4Runner I simply wedge the butts in roll club and also have the guidelines tucked up in sun visor.

For my larger saltwater rods, i've a piece of PVC pipeline bolted to my brush shield (into the pre-existing holes from where headlight pieces bolted to). And I also can just keep the rods here.

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We have cheapo breakdown poles on a weapon rack installed on a corner part screen. I prefer stick-to-itself velcro straps to hold all of them in.


Originally Published by Swimmerboy2112
Ha! And I thought I happened to be alone that performed that.

when you have a 4runner or a camper layer you might get some PVC this is certainly about 5-6 ins long and mount all of them at the top associated with layer.

Within 80 show We strung line with a lot of loops inside, and tied them towards the handles inside roof. Worked really.

I always thought about the pvc only cutting a notch tossed the threaded part and down the pipeline when it comes to reel to hang out side the pipe to use 2" pipe in the place of 4", i shall put in all of them internally roof of my campershell or you might and them under the sleep rail inside.

^^ ha! awesome concept.

mine just life in bed of my truck, sometimes separated and tucked behind my mesh case or chilling out the trunk (i personally use an 8.5' frequently). I might state the gunrack design holders but also divided, my pole hardly gels my taco taxi! won't fit that high up.

possibly PVC bolted in inside region of the sleep?

I might steal and modify the interior rack idea ^^ for my 4runner... Vital, you can put among those within your cap/shell on your pickup... then satisfy myself in the lake to sling some salmon! fish on...

It really is funny cause I was only seeking a few ideas such as this about a month ago. I am astonished that dudes not here, I could have sworn it was in a 4runner. I might probably try to look for ways to fasten them better to the front side. We imagine they may be tangled like that.

It is a cheap choice though.

Here are two more so you can view it better. It definitely is a 4runner BTW.

nearly seems like a trolling rig that people make around here for Crappie.lol

we use the poles in two and use my firearm rack

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