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Aluminum Fishing rod Tubes

Carry multiple rod pipes is a discomfort, and sometime it's easy to forget a rod. Whether we are taking a trip the world or out when it comes to evening we carry-all our rods in Sage Aluminum Rod Tube. They have been difficult, protect our rods, and now we will never be with no rod we require.

The proprietary design of your new aluminum pole pipes establishes the brand new standard for pole protection. The significant concave and convex curves interact generate included proportions of power. Oversized, rubberized end hats help alleviate problems with scratches and dents although the bottom cap features a custom ID area when it comes to angler's contact information and pole type. The quarter-turn tenon design cap clicks shut and types a seal that keeps out sand, grit and liquid. These brand new rod tubes bring fresh innovation that safeguard your pole, plus trip.

  • Weather-proof
  • Oversized, rubberized end caps
  • Connectors on tiny and large multi-rod tubes
  • Integrated customizable ID location
  • Internal Diameters: 2", 2.5" 4"
  • Colors: Aluminum/Black

Sage Aluminum Rod Tube Review

Fly-fishing rod tubes have been in existence for a long period. Looking back, Sage has supplied multiple cases and rod tubes over the years. Until recently most rod tubes, including theirs are made out of Cordura, tend to be round as they are structurally sustained by a PVC liner. Like their particular great type of fly rods, Sage today offers what I think is the better bomber rod tubes available. Instead of finding a Cordura and PVC tube their new pole pipes are constructed of brushed aluminum and they are rectangular fit without round. The entire year these people were introduced I thought these people were one of the best new products within yearly Fly-Tackle Retailer program. Today after buying one and having trekked it across continent's I know for a fact that for taking a trip and safeguarding your valuable fly rods, these pole pipes don't have any superiors.

I'm fortunate to travel a good amount to a number of the worlds best fly-fishing spots and until recently have never owned a pole case to carry my 3 and 4pc rods. In past times I've always just taped my vacation rods together inside their clothes and carried them regarding the jet. Interestingly we never ever broke a one once I traveled using them inside rude means. Well lots has changed in travel over the years, to such an extent that I experienced to sooner or later purchase a fly rod tube, usually I was gonna get lots of broken rods. Luckily the time of the needed buy were held after Sage arrived on the scene with their brand-new line of rod pipes.

For one, I like the shape of brand new Sage Fly Rod Tubes. Over time I seen many a round rod pipe or situation roll down baggage carts and belts when in transportation. These aluminum instances by Sage tend to be rectangular fit, which is a huge improvement throughout the old circular version and removes this potential problem. The more angular form also tends to make these tubes more straightforward to deal with and hold. Their building makes them really durable and durable. The high quality rubberized end limits means that your rods are secure within the pipe, but additionally helps you to stop your precious cargo from moving off carts, belts, or other devises your rods might find by themselves upon when they should be inspected. As opposed to placing a name label on mine I just took and indelible marker and had written my email address regarding one we bought; in big letters. The shoulder strap normally for enough time have the ability to sling the tube across your back. When you experience a hand full, this might be a great function.

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