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Introducing TORZITE Bands from Fuji® 1st Ceramic Ever Developed Especially For Guide Ring Applications. For decades, the pole element business has struggled with ceramics adapted from other companies; abrasives, insulators and coatings have doubled as ”guide rings” since the middle 60’s. Today, the very first time, KYOCERA®, the entire world leader in porcelain engineering, features joined with Fuji’s design group to examine guide ring inserts with a new perspective; to start not with sandpaper or electronic devices in your mind, but to reinvent guide rings with a laser give attention to what guide rings needs to do. Needlessly to say, these types of a powerful alliance has triggered not just a guide ring formulation that displays exceptional overall performance, but the one that has also satisfied the challenge of optimizing the deep pressed technology Fuji® has perfected over very nearly 2 decades of development. In short, Fuji® and KYOCERA® have-not only created a significantly better porcelain, they have developed a much better ceramic that maximizes Fuji’s present deep-pressed technology, resulting in a lighter, more powerful, more durable guide than previously. TORZITE® rings prove more advanced than various other band materials with techniques that allowed a complete re-tooling of exactly what helpful information ring should seem like and how it will perform. The additional energy, break resistance and polish achievable with TORZITE® resulted in bigger inner diameters, smoother finishes, even more forgiving cross-sectional pages and unequaled temperature dissipation - all of this in a ring that deep presses with increased accuracy and durability than just about any previous band. Thank you for visiting the very first ceramic born becoming helpful information band - TORZITE®...available exclusively from Fuji.

Cost: $8.25 — $10.65

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