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Why Fish Bamboo?Why Fish Bamboo?

It really is our genuine belief that each really serious flyfisherman should obtain and fish a minumum of one bamboo pole. The reason why are myriad, and eventually, many flyfishermen arrived at the same summary.

In close, where most fish are cycling, a bamboo rod lots and casts sweeter than whatever else. At distance, the deep flex stores power and transfers energy efficiently towards line, making lengthy casts feasible. This energy-storing feature additionally reduces the need to press the rod—bamboo rods, it has been stated, do most of the task available. The reduced activity indicates you have to slow the cast down, but this, also, is an advantage because the necessity to frenetically untrue cast is eliminated.

The challenge for most of us not used to bamboo is learning to see the pole. These rods feel not the same as graphite, but when Glenn and Jerry found Sweetgrass, they adjusted the tapers somewhat, speeding all of them up just a tad. This will make Sweetgrass Rods a great bamboo pole for some body via a graphite mind-set.

The Sweetgrass SeriesFor someone with knowledge of bamboo, a Sweetgrass pole presents the peak of taper development. Designed and built by individuals who fish, and fish tough, our rods will deliver outstanding overall performance.


Sweetgrass makes two basic models of rods. Our signature series we call The Sweetgrass Rod. With upper end equipment and an additional tip, the Sweetgrass Rod exemplifies the wedding of beauty and gratification. The Mantra Rod comes with good hardware designed more for performance than appearance, and just one tip. At about ½ the buying price of the Sweetgrass Rod, the Mantra Rod is a superb solution to decide to try bamboo at an affordable outlay.

Additionally, we made numerous salt-water rods, switch rods, and spey rods. Rates vary, so call to talk about. The truth is, we love bamboo and then we love-making fishing rods from this natural product. Got a concept? Call us and we’ll see whenever we often helps. We’ve even made a couple of spinning rods regarding bamboo!

The Mantra SeriesALL rods include our unconditional warranty. If it breaks, for reasons uknown, merely obtain it back once again to united states and we’ll go on it after that. Why do you can expect these types of a warranty? Two explanations: 1) very few of our rods break, because of the remarkable toughness of bamboo; 2) we would like individuals to feel safe fishing with your works of performance art. They've been intended for fishing, maybe not for wall-hangers!

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo rods, paradoxically, express where flyfishing is and in which experienced flyfishermen aspire to get. Modern flyfishing features roots extending straight back centuries, but bamboo rods shot to popularity in their own personal inside the belated 1800s. Building processes utilized these days are similar to those of 1800s: divide the cane, shape it, glue it, add guides, and get fishing. However, today’s bamboo rods tend to be, usually, markedly various in action and toughness from rods built back then. Better glues, varnishes, and evolving tapers have brought united states rods which excel in several ways over their ancestors, and in some significant methods, over modern-day graphite rods.

The Sweetgrass Spey Bamboo Fly RodA word or two about graphite. Graphite’s remarkable faculties is not dismissed out of control — they truly are light and lots of extremely able graphite rods have-been built. The trouble begins maybe not because of the material it self, however with some manufacturers’ ongoing search for rate and power at the cost of finesse and elegance. Perhaps you have seen the emphasis some graphite manufacturers put on terms such as “modulus of elasticity”, ”speed”, and “power.” Into the drive in order to make rods that cast farther and faster, numerous graphite rod manufacturers appear to have forgotten the point of flyfishing is certainly not to cast the range to another end for the parking lot, but instead to present a fly toward fish in a realistic style. A quick rod typically requires more range to weight it; casting in close is an attribute of bamboo rods that most graphite rods simply cannot match. Of course you think about your absolute best times of pursuing finny victim, we might venture to reckon that almost all of those fish you caught are not a parking-lot-distance away. Having said that, the deeper flex of a well made bamboo rod employs all-natural energy fibers working all the way to the hold associated with rod, which implies that on the rare occasion if you have such a necessity, you can hit the other side regarding the parking area, too.

Precision, finesse, astonishing energy: they're reasons to give consideration to a bamboo pole.

Modern tapers mastered through years of flyfishing experience and pole building expertise: these are reasons to think about a Sweetgrass bamboo rod.

About Bamboo

Tonkin cane, as it is known as, is the number of bamboo utilized for many bamboo rods built-in the past century. Various other types, as well as exactly the same types grown in america, simply lack the density necessary to create a bamboo rod using casting qualities consistent with Sweetgrass Rods quality demands. The thickness and energy of this material is noteworthy. In cross-section, it's possible to see the thick “power fibers” that provide bamboo rods their particular remarkable natural qualities. Utilized for scaffolding on skyscrapers, the strength of bamboo is really as noteworthy as its resilience."

Sweetgrass’ bamboo comes straight from Aozai, Asia, a tiny neighborhood inside southwest an element of the nation, about 4 hours of driving inland through the modern town of Guangzhou (Old Canton). A really outlying area, comprising only about 30 square miles, the families in this tight-knit community have developed bamboo for various utilizes for almost a hundred years. When Glenn and Dave went to the area with bamboo agent Andy Royer during 2009, the Cai family members welcomed them with unrivaled hospitality.

Why Bamboo? Wall of Bamboo cross-section of Tonkin Cane Bamboo scaffolding is often scene on high-rise buildings tasks in Southern Asia

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