Vision fishing bed chair

Vision Fly Fishing Rods

The Creek Dominator

The go-to-rod for dry fly fishing and smaller rivers. Somewhat much deeper action when compared to 9' # 5 for roll casting on little rivers. Vision product manager Antti Guttorm: "we call this the Weissenbach unique. I Love this rod regarding the tiny streams of Austria also it's my option for dry-fly fishing for grayling."

The Nymphmaniac

The nymph fishing device. Is like smaller than it is because of great balance. The additional length and lightweight makes mending an extended range easy. AG: "Czech, French, Spanish, Polish, or whatever nymphing this is basically the rod!" "

The Benchmarker

If you'll need a rod for dry-fly and nymph fishing this can be it. Functions great for both overhead and move casts. The feeling when you pick it is amazing! This is basically the rod of preference of your dry-fly and nymph fishing master from Austria "Dirty" Harry Winter. AG: "What can I say. I'm a 9'#5 man. And also this is my rod. Period."

The Generalist

In the event that you add streamer fishing towards the equation this is ultimate trout rod. Does not matter whether or not it's dry-fly, nymph or streamer fishing this pole excels. AG: "I would be very happy to just take this pole and go anywhere in the world for trout fishing. My choice for sea trout fishing in Northern Norway."

The Sheriff

Streamer and salmon dry-fly fishermen, there's a brand new sheriff around! Handles big flies and spey casting like hardly any other. In the event that you enjoy viewing your solitary spey unroll cross the lake this is basically the rod. AG: "i enjoy salmon fishing with dried out flies using this one! My choice for streamer fishing everywhere."

The Widowmaker

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