Greys Fly Fishing Rods

Founded in 1968, at this time manufactures a full array of carp, coarse, predator, water, and . Advertising itself to the discerning angler, Greys creates top-notch products which allow you to learn new experiences and explore further in liquid throughout your time in the oceans advantage.

Originally ‘Greys of Alnwick’, president Malcolm Grey established the iconic Keilder fly rod series – a mid-market high end series that soon attained value in regional angling neighborhood. This is to-be the start of a good reputation that has been to last over fifty many years. Additional fly products were launched within the following many years, including fly lines, reels, and clothing.

Shortly the brand expanded into carp fishing and ocean fishing, because of the energy Enjoy and High Power pole sets launching for the respective places. This expansion spread Greys title more, and brand name become probably one of the most respected throughout the United Kingdom.

In 1999, home of Hardy acquired Greys, after seeing an opportunity to participate in free areas of the market. Collectively they introduced still another superb fly rod, the Greys GRX, which took the fly market by storm. It was the most effective selling pole rapidly after it launched, and additional established Greys due to the fact tackle brand name to possess. Most of the services and products established in the early 21st century stay fast favourites among fishermen today, such as the GRXi, Prodigy, and Apollo ranges. The truth that the products have stood the test of time indicates the standard of these preliminary designs.

In 2003 House of Hardy re-named at Hardy and Greys Ltd, exhibiting the significance of the Greys brand name to the business.

Greys features always prided it self on its reputation for revolutionary, quality items that tend to be reliable regarding lender and provide excellent affordability. This reputation spreads from Greys commitment to technology, and its particular design and item staff continuously test out the newest in tackle technology so that you can give you products that perform in the innovative of development. The Toreon Nano particle carp rod is an excellent example of just how this know-how is used with great success, and creates a skilled performance benefit on lender. The continued success of the product is testament on outcomes the anglers just who make use of it experience.

GreysFishing, the YouTube station for the organization, provides extensive beginners guides for fly-fishing – Greys initial specialism. In addition it features a few more basic movies on both fly and carp fishing, for all fishermen with an increase of experience under their particular devices. The channel in addition showcases the latest services and products introduced because of the brand name, so you can see precisely how these items perform if your wanting to rush purchase them.

In 2013 Greys joined up with the natural Fishing family. This move invigorated Greys, and offered it a renewed give attention to worldwide marker presence. Greys happens to be a dependable title all over the world. Natural Fishing in addition provided Greys the capability to maximise the technical expertise for which the Greys brand name is famous. The slogan of ‘trust your instinct’ catches the ethos of Greys, and also the organization’s belief that angling is an easy method of life, not only a spare time activity.

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