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We first started fly fishing with Tenkara rods seven or eight many years ago—i discovered the simpleness attractive, because of the business trend during the time that demanded anglers have a complete quiver of fly rods, reels with many spools all set to go and a fly package that seemed a lot more like carry on luggage. There was some thing really attracting me personally about wandering from the pavement with a lanyard that toted along a couple of nippers, some tippet and maybe twelve flies. And a Tenkara rod.

The “gear, gear and much more gear” thing appears to have chilled somewhat. It appears that manufacturers now are getting behind the thought of the “do-everything” $850 fly rod, with a reel that costs at the least half as much. Throw-in $100 for a high-end fly line, and, in the event that you wade damp, you’re good to go for cost of a gently utilized drift ship.

Tenkara, meanwhile, has actually remained painstakingly simple. Rod, line, fly. Prepared.

Now, I’ll end up being the very first to acknowledge that I’ve never ever been a true Tenkara angler—I’ve never as soon as fished a Tenkara fly, and I’ve gone only a little overboard in terms of attempting to land fish that i truly have no explanation casting to with a Tenkara rod. Results have already been mixed, therefore’s already been a lot of fun to see just what Tenkara rods are capable of. Recently, I’ve heard from friends who’ve arrived from carp to infant tarpon on Tenkara rods, and a few years back in Saskatchewan, We landed a 28-inch pike and an 8-pound pond trout on a Tenkara rod. Both had been a great time. Both probably come under the “Don’t try this home should you want to keep your Tenkara pole intact” category.

But I’ve in addition discovered exactly what Tenkara rods do very well, regardless of if their manufacturers don’t necessarily marketplace several of their particular much more useful uses.

For-instance, this past summer time, my child and I took a set of Tenkara Rod Co. Teton rods around to catch trout and char under the canopy of the Southeast Alaskan rainforest. I’ve fished the spot before, and one quite effective means of getting big sea-run cutthroats and Dolly Varden is drift egg patterns or pegged beads—high-stick style—through the riffles when the salmon tend to be running. If I’ve discovered the one thing about Tenkara over the years, it’s it might-be top nymphing pole around, especially in close quarters.

And my daughter is a full-on Tenkara convert—she picked one up as a youngster, and I’m uncertain she’s willingly acquired a rod with a reel attached with it since. She can fly cast like a champ, but if she has her choice, it’s always Tenkara.

So that it came as no real surprise that, as soon as we attained a clear-water tributary to your Stikine River away from Wrangell this past summer, Delaney immediately grabbed one of many Teton rods and strung it with a pegged bead. In minutes, before the guide or i possibly could also get our old-fashioned rods rigged up, she ended up being plucking feisty Dollies from the depths, by just drifting the bead through most likely works. The average fish had been probably inside 12-inch range, but she did get a few beasts that pushed 20-inches, and Teton rods performed excellently. Even after inadvertently hooking a surging green salmon, the Teton hung in there and she could obtain the fish to spit the hook with no problems for the rod or even the line.

What works

This is certainlyn’t special on Tenkara Rod Co. services and products—all current entries in to the U.S. Tenkara market telescope right down to manageable lengths that make them very easy to pack and easy to transport. The Teton comes in a tremendously handsome tube, though, and when it's fully compacted, it's just 20 ins long. For fishing, it telescopes off to 12 legs, particular the nice area for Tenkara rods, in my experience. Longer rods can enhance get to, however in tight places plus cover, it matters becoming as small as you are able to.

The pole additionally handled well in certain pretty interesting circumstances. We fished some pretty huge liquid in Southeast, and we also fished some smaller, more personal channels. The current weather ended up being generally iffy, with rainfall squalls every day, and, wherever we fished, we had to walk a little to get trout and char (the salmon were quite behind schedule, so that the seafood weren’t as simple to find as we had wished). That required we had to visit bear trails, or bushwhack over scree slopes and roam through the old development. It was painstaking very easy to just retract the pole, put the range round the handle and get.

Fishing the Tenkara Rod Co. Teton rod in southeast Alaska.

For fishing, the Teton had been what we hoped it could be. It absolutely was a high-sticking device. At one point, from the trib into the Stikine, the guide we fished with viewed me and asked basically thought I was cheating with the long, supple rod. Featuring its 12-foot get to, I became able to pluck Dolly after Dolly from the base the river, including some good fish that place an appreciable flex in the Teton, and rewarded me with that sing-song noise a decent Tenkara line tends to make since it’s strummed by the current.

In much deeper liquid, We included a little bit of split into the tippet, merely to obtain the fly down, plus it handled and cast the weight alright, making me to believe that it would be a fantastic dry-fly pole (something we didn’t try). Nymphing using rod had been a joy, though. It took a straightforward upstream cast to obtain the fly within the area, and, on rare occasion whenever a trout or char performedn’t come phoning, it took a single back-handed flip on have fly back in the feeding once again.

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