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Best rod for stripers Fishing

There are so many great rods online its difficult to choose which design to make use of. Rods may be found in different lengths, energy, activity an such like. I’m hoping to streamline the procedure a little by wearing down the outfits i personally use for charter fishing also our usage.

Throughout my several years of working a charter boat on Cape Cod, I carried just two various spinning rod sizes on with me, 7-footer and an 8-footer. In a nutshell, I prefer smaller rods for less heavy tackle and weightier longer rods to get more energy and better casting distance.

7’ Spinning Rod

A great lightweight 7-foot ensemble is good for less heavy lures both from vessel and shore. Look for a rod that can throw lures inside range of 3/8 to 1-ounce. In pre-braid times, I would rig this ensemble with 12-pound test Yozuri crossbreed range, but in a braid era, We rig this ensemble with 20-pound test braid. My personal favorite brand is Suffix energy Pro, rigged with a 20-pound test fluorocarbon leader related to a uni-to-uni knot.


I prefer this outfit very nearly exclusively in the springtime whenever many smaller stripers appear. With 20-pound braid, an excellent 7’ rod will launch your baits a country mile. Also, as soon as the bonito and albies arrive, I re-spool with 12-pound Yozuri Hybrid and connect direct. While great for little poppers and jigs, a lightweight 7’ rod is perfect for putting unweighted smooth baits.


Folks frequently buy rods larger than they absolutely need when fishing from shore. A light 7’ rod is good for fishing estuaries, jetties, inlets etc. This size is going to be suitable for throwing small unweighted soft baits, little jig minds, poppers and swimming plugs. It’s a pleasant simple rod to manage, fits in a vehicle and is enjoyable to make use of. Also it’s truly capable of landing 99percent of the seafood we catch from inland nooks and crannies.

8’ Spinning Rod

Striper Floating DW BG 800 When I begin throwing heavier lures, later in the season, I switch over to a medium heavy spinning rod, spooled up with 40-pound test braid and 30-inch piece 40-pound test fluorocarbon leader tied direct.

A good method hefty 8-foot spinning rod is good for throwing bigger smooth baits, poppers, pen poppers, etc. A longer pole is also better for lobbing real time eels, since it enables a casting motion that pulls less hooks out of the eel’s mouth throughout the cast. I also like longer size for casting reasons, when I have greater length and a significantly better capacity to obvious lobster containers whenever fighting a big fish working for cover.

While an 8’ pole is recognized as “too big” by many people for use on a ship, I actually think it is the most wonderful length. Or even only for the longer casts, the excess foot supports presentation, the ability to clear structure helping with rod position presuming you’re fishing with your rod tip pointed toward water with a swimmer, spook or smooth bait.

As I stated earlier, i believe most fishermen fish from shore with outfits that are overkill. An 8-foot pole will work just fine in 80% of the shore places on Cape Cod, (Cape Cod Canal excluded). It’s a good length for tossing Danny plugs, spooks, pencil poppers and 10 to 14-inch smooth baits. On top of that, you'll nevertheless make use of an 8-foot pole on a boat.

Surf Rod

Although I’ve used a 9-foot pole on a vessel, I would personally believe this dimensions are almost solely a coast fly rod and possibly the dimensions i would suggest if you should be about to fish the “surf” quite really. A medium fat 9-foot rod will throw lures in one to three ounces effortlessly.

Canal Rod

Fishing the powerful movement regarding the canal gift suggestions unique challenges and sometimes extended casts have to hit seafood breaking far-out in the center of the flow. Large lures in many cases are required also, such as 3 or 4-ounce pencil poppers and heavy lead mind jigs. This is why a rod with both quick action many really serious backbone is needed gear. Many canal regulars like the Ron Arra sets rods from Lamiglas. Model XSRA 1084 (9’, 1-piece) and Model XSRA 1084-2 (9’, 2-piece) are extremely well-known and set well utilizing the Shimano Saragossa 8000. Both tend to be moderate/fast activity and though rated for lures weighing 1 to 3 ounces can toss a little larger lures effortlessly. Power professional braid in 40-pound test with a 30, 40 and even 50-pound test fluorocarbon frontrunner is standard for the serious “canal rats.”

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